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D ECISIONS II Session 1: Welcome to Decision Making!

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1 D ECISIONS II Session 1: Welcome to Decision Making!

2 T ODAY S A GENDA The Attention Grabber Life Skills Game: Come into the Circle Course Structure Who Are We? The Role of your S.S. Counselor What Is Our Purpose? Where Are We? How to Contact Us The Decisions Point System Announcements Life Skills Game: Picture Present

3 T HE A TTENTION G RABBER Well-Well-Well Bell Peanut Buttah…Jelly Time! 1.

4 L IFE S KILLS G AME : J OIN M E.. Goals Becoming Integrated into the group Enhancing group spirit Strengthening visual perception Remember Full Sentences No mumbling Eye contact I would like for you to join me because….

5 C OURSE S TRUCTURE What is This Course All About?

6 D ECISIONS II…I S A LL A BOUT Y OU ! Get comfortable talking about yourself… Learn to endorse your academic style Learn to analyze your personal style Discover your individual values… Make a successful transition into High School

7 W HO A RE W E ? T HE R OLE OF YOUR S ECONDARY S CHOOL C OUNSELORS Were here to help you… Get you into your dream school Essays & short stories Interviewing skills Study habits Recommendations Solve daily problems Organize your life To uphold your responsibilities Were here for you…no matter what! Ms. Todman ( Ms. Shamair )Mr. Quiroz

8 W HO A RE W E ? T HE R OLE OF YOUR S ECONDARY S CHOOL C OUNSELORS Ext. 117 Located in the admissions suite behind the front desk Her Office Hours: 7:30am- 12:30pm Monday – Friday Always your first point of contact! Ms. Makalani ( Ms. Asha )

9 W HO A RE W E ? T HE R OLE OF YOUR S ECONDARY S CHOOL C OUNSELORS Mr. Brito Ext. 137 Mr. Newman Ext. 401 Mr. Shultz Ext. 129 Our Secondary Support Friends…

10 W HERE A RE W E ? 1 st Floor Behind the Front Desk 1 st Floor Next to the Front Desk Ms. ShamairMr. Quiroz

11 H OW C AN Y OU C ONTACT U S ? T HE BEST MEANS OF COMMUNICATION Stop by her office Extension 115 Basement mailbox Stop by his office Extension 104 Basement mailbox Ms. ShamairMr. Quiroz

12 T HE D ECISIONS P OINT S YSTEM What is it? Why does it exist? How does it work? What are the benefits?

13 W HAT I S IT & W HY D OES IT E XIST ? A tracking system used to record student participation. It serves as a visual aid for students and counselors. It allows you to see how active you are in the Decisions classroom.

14 H OW D O I E ARN P OINTS ? By being an active participant Asking Questions Giving Answers Being Cooperative Setting Examples Sharing Thoughts Meeting Deadlines Includes student and parent assignments Participation Must be genuine.

15 W HAT A RE THE B ENEFITS ? Recognition Small Prizes Self – Pride Motivation Enhance Responsibility Group Prizes


17 Upcoming School Visits Thatcher School: September 14 th Newark Academy: September 15 th Taft School: September 16 th Phillips Andover: September 20 th Stony Brook School Trip: October 4 th Immaculate Conception: September 29 th St. Andrews Delaware Trip: October 19 th Check the Secondary School bulletin board often!

18 C LOSING O UT Life Skills Game

19 L IFE S KILLS G AME : P ICTURE P RESENT Goals Initiating Contact Making Someone Happy Learning to accept a gift How to play Choose a picture to give as a gift to another player. Let them know why you chose that picture for them. When you receive a gift thank the other player for it. Explain why you are happy with it or explain why you think it is not really the gift for you. The gifts an be passed on. Reflection Do you like giving and receiving presents? How does this relate to the Point System? Im giving you this private house at the ocean because I believe you like to be near water and you sometimes like to be by yourself

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