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Providing the right Backbone Infrastructure for Broadband Folu Aderibigbe, Head Glo1.

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1 Providing the right Backbone Infrastructure for Broadband Folu Aderibigbe, Head Glo1

2 Single digit broadband penetration, long way to go Telecom infrastructure improvements a key for entry Socio economic and geo political environment key for success One of the largest markets in the African continent, Nigeria a key market in the next 11 after the BRICS countries Competing in the Worlds Most Dynamic Markets

3 Enabling customers to capture new opportunities & accelerate success in the market driving growth. Bringing Africa Closer to the World Your Advantage Geography: Glo1 enables opening of key gateways. Assets: Infrastructure, services, people and knowledge Flexible Models: Managed, outsourced or transformation. Services Knowledge Infrastructure People

4 9,800 km of own submarine cable connecting 16 West African countries directly to Europe and US. 10,000 km of national fiber optic network already operational in Nigeria. In the process of deploying various last mile access technologies to cater to various business segments. Actively participating in the wireless / wired broadband Reach directly to the last mile and your user base First Top Three Advantages

5 Multiple landing stations planned in all operating countries to provide redundancy, Implemented Internet Protocol Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) across all major cities in Nigeria, catalyst for broadband penetration.Internet Protocol Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) Investments underway in Benin, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, etc. to build a robust inland and sea connectivity. Result will be round-West Africa redundant fiber ring Redundancy to support business- critical applications Top Three Advantages Second

6 Data centers planned in multiple countries to provide consistent services and disaster recovery solutions. Road map to deploy managed hosting and storage services, managed applications, CDN services and High Definition Video Conferencing SLA based services managed across the region with a globally skilled workforce. Access to business-enabling managed and cloud services Top Three Advantages Third

7 Customer Emerging Market Benefits Drive revenues, cost efficiencies and shareholder value Drive cost efficiencies to stay ultra-competitive Reduce management complexity Latest efficient telecommunication set up Reduce capital risk Leverage on global partnerships Minimize cultural, legal and regulatory barriers to accelerate success

8 Challenges to growth of Broadband Insecurity and vandalisation of equipment. High import duty on required equipment. High cost of acquiring right of way. Unavailability of metro fibre ducts for collocation. Epileptic power supply. Allocation of spectrum for last mile. Low PC penetration and IT literacy rate


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