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In Partnership with And ISO 9001:2000 Certified.

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1 In Partnership with And ISO 9001:2000 Certified

2 NG9-1-1: It’s Not Just Telephones Anymore
ISO 9001:2000 Certified

3 ISO 9001:2000 Certified


5 Series 3300 Key Features Leveraged IP throughout
VoIP to remote operators IP transfers of 9-1-1, 7 Digit Emergency & CLID between PSAP's Incoming call isolation No risk of loss of calls from IP failure Meets i2 Accepts SIP calls Uses SIP phone for admin functions The Series 3300 is not Pure or Full IP. It leverages IP as necessary to provide PSAPs with the functions they need without the risk of a completely new technology platform. The Series 3300 provides for remote operators to to receive calls via IP. Although it seems this would also apply to local operators, we believe every primary operator position needs to have a desk phone to use in case the PC or network fails. And since there is no significant advantage to making local positions IP, this capability is maintained. The Series 3300 also is able to IP transfer all call types between PSAPs with S3300s in place. This capability allows two PSAPs to coordinate and provide an alternate transfer path other than the telephone company. The S3300 can initiate the IP transfers based on an overflow threshold, on a setting - such as night service or evacuation - or by manually dialing. This is call Intelligent Call Overflow. As a part of the IP transfers the ALI information and call priority is sent as well. The Integrator 911 position receiving the transfer then handles the call according to the priority and displays to the operator from where the call came. To reduce unnecessarily losing a critical call, the Series 3300 does not convert incoming calls to IP, but only does so as required to transfer them. This minimized the exposure to the unknown risks of network or security issues. Finally, the Series 3300 offers SIP phone connectivity for personnel in the PSAP that are not operators. This eliminates the need to buy a second PBX for those few people.

6 Series 3400 Key Features Full IP solution Global Mgmt & Resiliency
i3 compatible IP services Global Mgmt & Resiliency Virtual PSAP's Network of CPE VoIP to all positions SIP Phone back-up operator phone Dynamic add/remove operator positions Automatic Call Distribution The Series 3400 is the full IP solution with no analog switching at all. It will convert every incoming call to IP initially, then handle them that way from there out. As the i3 standards for CPE are clarified the Series 3400 will be able to easily comply. In that same vain, the non-traditional IP services suggested in NENAs IP Capable PSAP document may be incorporated. A significant capability the S3400 will provide is the Global - meaning beyond a single PSAP CPE - Management and Resiliency. The concept of a virtual PSAP is one where a single CPE may serve multiple PSAPs with each PSAP having their own privileges and with a Global administrator. With virtual PSAPs and networks of PSAPs, many resiliency behaviors will be possible. The Series 3400 will have the ability to be configured to meet the needs of a community of virtual PSAPs or a state-wide network of CPE serving many PSAPs. Every position will be a VoIP operator with a SIP phone as either a primary or back-up. Of course if the SIP phone is primary the amount of information and control will be limited, but the possibilities for portability are exciting. One function necessary to allow this is the ability of a PSAP manager to easily add or remove operators. ACD will be available. ISO 9001:2000 Certified

7 Series 3400 Functional Block Diagram
This is a high level functional block diagram. It shows the basic relationships between elements. Point out: - Integrator 911, 911 Server, MIS are all present in essentially the same form as with the S3200. - The IP Call Switch is essentially that found in the Series 3300. - There is no analog switch - Interfaces for many IP services, such as CAD, Map, ALI, Net clock, and Logging recorder are present. As needed, others can be added. DON’T get too hung up on this slide. You may not have enough background to fluidly discuss and it MAY CHANGE> ISO 9001:2000 Certified

8 WAN PSAP 1 LEC Tandem Zetron 3400 End Office MTSO CAMA CAMA Solacom
Intrado Intrado Onsite Onsite Solacom Solacom WAN PSAP 1 Zetron 3400 Router IP Call Handler Switch VOIP Phone CAD CDR MIS GEO Ringdown Lines Admin Lines Work Station Work Station COM Server ISO 9001:2000 Certified

9 WAN PSAP 1 Zetron 3400 MTSO End Office VSP CAMA / SS7 / SIP
Solacom Solacom WAN PSAP 1 Zetron 3400 Router IP Call Handler Switch VOIP Phone CAD CDR MIS GEO Ringdown Lines Admin Lines Work Station Work Station COM Server ISO 9001:2000 Certified

10 Questions? ISO 9001:2000 Certified

11 Thank You. Any Additional Questions Please Contact Terry McLarty Sr
Thank You! Any Additional Questions Please Contact Terry McLarty Sr. Solutions Architect or Bob Sabin Account Manager ISO 9001:2000 Certified

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