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Civil War Review Vocabulary People Government Battles Misc. 100 100

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1 Civil War Review Vocabulary People Government Battles Misc. 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 Final Jeopardy

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3 Vocabulary-100 A runaway slave is also known by this term.
What is a fugitive?

4 Vocabulary- 200 A gun warehouse. What is an arsenal?

5 Vocabulary-300 When Lincoln freed the slaves he ________ them.
What is emancipated?

6 Vocabulary-400 Control by the people, allowing each territory to decide for itself whether or not to allow slavery. What is popular sovereignty?

7 Vocabulary-500 Right to have charges filed or a hearing before being jailed. What is Habeas Corpus?

8 People-100 This woman was a conductor on the Underground Railroad.
Who is Harriet Tubman?

9 People-200 Caucasian abolitionist who started the newspaper the Liberator. Who was William Lloyd Garrison?

10 People-300 This man was the top general of the Confederate Army.
Who was Robert E. Lee?

11 People-400 This southern plantation owner led a revolt of slaves that led to his execution. Who is John Brown?

12 People-500 Top general of the Union Army. Who was Ulysses S. Grant?

13 Government-100 This compromise allowed Kansas and Nebraska to decide if they would enter the Union as a free or slave state. What was the Kansas-Nebraska?

14 Government- 200 The President of the Confederate States of America.
Who was Jefferson Davis?

15 Government- 300 As part of this compromise Maine entered the Union as a free state, and the 36’ 30’ line was established. What was the Missouri Compromise of 1820?

16 Government- 400 This compromise established the Fugitive Slave Act and declared there would be popular sovereignty in both the New Mexico and Utah territory. What was the Compromise of 1850?

17 Government- 500 This found the Missouri Compromise to be unconstitutional, because government does not have the power to abolish slavery in a territory. What was the Dred Scott Decision?

18 Battles- 100 This battle was the immediate cause of the Civil War. The battle took place at a Union fort that was located in South Carolina. What is Fort Sumter?

19 Battles-200 This battle turned out to be the turning point of the war, because the South did not attack the North after this battle. What is the Battle of Gettysburg?

20 Battles-300 Lee won decisive battles for the South in the battle of Chancellorsville and this battle. What is the Battle of Fredericksburg ?

21 Battles-400 Both the Union and Confederacy realized they needed to train their soldiers after this battle where General Jackson earned the nickname “Stonewall”. What is the Battle of Bull Run?

22 Battles- 500 The Confederacy won all of the following battles EXCEPT
Shiloh Chancellorsville Bull Run Fredericksburg What is the Battle of Shiloh?

23 Misc.-100 This law signed by Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in slave states. What is the Emancipation Proclamation?

24 Misc.-200 This state divided in two, because they could not agree on the issue of slavery. What is Virginia?

25 Misc.- 300 Period of time when more people have loyalty to a certain part of a country then they do to the entire country. What is sectionalism?

26 Misc. -400 Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Who is Harriet Beecher Stowe?

27 Misc.-500 This man ran against Abraham Lincoln for the Senator position in Illinois in During the campaign, they had a series of debates with slavery as the main issue. Who is Stephen Douglas?

28 Final Jeopardy The year in which South Carolina seceded from the Union. What is 1860?

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