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Literature Genres Sharon Sun July 2,2013 4 th grade.

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1 Literature Genres Sharon Sun July 2,2013 4 th grade

2 Fiction V.S Non-fiction Fiction  Make-believe  Read for fun  Fake Non-fiction  Real story  True  Information

3  Tale passed down through generations  Explains a world of gods  Pertains actions of gods/goddesses Myth

4  Can be based on a real story  Characters act like people  Story could happen in real life Realistic Fiction

5  Animal characters act like people  Characters may have special powers  Imaginary characters Fantasy

6  Story about a person’s life  Whole life, part of a life, single event  He/she feels and he/she thinks Autobiography

7  Tells information about someone’s life  Based on someone who is important  How these people live and what they do Biography

8  Shows expressions, feelings, and moods  All have own rhymes  A written form of literature Poetry

9  Fight between good and evil  Teaches a lesson  Always has a happy ending Fairytales

10  A story or legend handed down  One generation to the next  Told over and over again Folktales

11  A story that is humorously exaggerated  Backwoods exploits  American frontiersman Tall tales

12  Story teaches a lesson  End of fable is a proverb  A proverb is a wise saying Fables

13  Watch characters and hear them talk  You can recognize names if they have colons  Directions written in special form Plays

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