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Learning That Works for America Kimberly A. Green, NASDCTEc.

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1 Learning That Works for America Kimberly A. Green, NASDCTEc


3 The Challenges Consistency Data Support

4 Consistency

5 The Challenge - Consistency Greater Consistency in the Quality of Our Programs is Necessary to: Garner U.S. Department of Education and Congressional support Earn the support of other stakeholders For future funding

6 Resources to Support Greater Consistency Common Core State Standards Common Core of Technical Standards (coming in June 2012) Programs of Study CTE Vision – Reflect, Transform, Lead

7 Reflect, Transform, Lead: A New Vision for Career Technical Education Our vision's core principles are: CTE is critical to ensuring that the United States leads in global competitiveness. CTE actively partners with employers to design and provide high-quality, dynamic programs. CTE prepares students to succeed in further education and careers. CTE is delivered through comprehensive programs of study aligned to The National Career Clusters Framework. CTE is a results-driven system that demonstrates a positive return on investment.

8 Data

9 Consistent data Data that tells the full story Data that is comparable Data that is aggregatable The Challenge: Data

10 A Collaborative Solution? Seeking states with robust systems to collaborate and answer key questions: Graduation College going rates College completion rates Bonus question: How many students stay in same pathway and into the related career?


12 What Did We Hear? The window is open for CTE Outdated notions of CTE Overall lack of clarity about CTE Need for greater consistency Need for metrics, standards and documented results

13 What Did We Hear? (cont.) Need for greater outreach and broader relationships Need for a shared vision The time for leadership has never been greater Interest in a common message— and tools to tell it

14 The Challenge of the CTE Brand Experience Inconsistent quality and rigor = Inconsistent brand experience CTE is evolving at different rates in different places CTE is moving toward a common goal Lack of uniformity cannot be overcome with a brand messaging initiative The name itself is a challenge Influencers remember the way CTE was— instead of what CTE has become

15 National Communications Campaign

16 Strategies Clear, unified voice for CTE Engage/involve key advocacy groups Robust web presence Business & Industry relationships Data on the ROI of CTE Earned media

17 Why Is This Important?

18 The CTE Brand Promise Career Technical Education promises an unrelenting commitment to: Provide American business and industry with a highly skilled, sustainable workforce; Provide dynamic, innovative leadership for the nation's educational system; and Serve as a strategic partner with secondary and postsecondary educators, business and industry to strengthen America's competitive position in the global economy




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