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Archiving and Retrieving Purchase Orders and Invoices

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2 Archiving and Retrieving Purchase Orders and Invoices
Bader Mansour Founder and CEO of NAZDAQ June 25, 2007

3 Access to documents produced from SSA Baan/ERP LN
Every day, companies send documents like Purchase Orders and Invoices to business partners. These documents are not automatically integrated with the ERP system. Many times we wish to quickly access these documents. It will be better to access these documents from within the ERP system.

4 Sending documents to business partners: An Evolution
Choose one or more of the following options for the best way to send documents to your business partners Telex Printing on paper and mailing using the post office Printing on paper and manually Faxing Automatically faxing from the ERP system Automatically ing from the ERP system All the above

5 Once documents are sent, do you keep a hard copy?
Storing documents like Purchase Orders or Invoices, together with all related documents in paper folders does not provide easy access in the future

6 Once documents are sent, do you keep an electronic copy?
Some companies scan and save official documents for all kinds of purposes.

7 Using an Enterprise Output Management System
Enterprise Output Management is an Information Technology practice that deals with the organization, formatting, management and distribution of data that is created by enterprise applications like Banking information systems, Insurance information systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), retail systems and many others. Gartner research estimates the market of Enterprise Output Management solutions at $441 Million with 5% growth rate between Distributed output management is defined by Gartner as middleware that drives the output process and supports the automated creation and delivery of business process and ad-hoc documents. (Source: MarketScope for Distributed Output Management, 2006, 13 March, 2006, Kenneth Chin, Toby Bell, James Lundy) If you have an output management system implemented, an electronic copy of the printed Purchase Order or Invoice is saved on the system for future use.

8 Using NAZDAQ’s “Baan Mail-Merge” for distributing documents
Baan Mail-Merge is a cost effective enterprise-wide e-commerce system, tightly integrated with SSA Baan/ERP LN, allowing it to automatically , fax, print and archive documents like purchase orders, sales order acknowledgments, reminders and invoices – and produce dramatic time and money savings.

9 Using “Baan Mail-Merge” for distributing documents
With the “One-by-One mode” you can review each purchase order before sending it, verifying addresses and fax numbers, writing a special note to go along with the document sent, possibly add/delete attachments, setting the priority and ask for an receipt. “Auto-Mode” sends all documents without any human intervention.

10 Using “Baan Mail-Merge”
Documents are created as PDF files

11 Different PDF layouts with “Baan Mail-Merge”
You can design your layout by adding your company’s logo, background

12 Using Baan Mail-Merge for “grouping” external documents
With “Baan Mail-Merge” we can group files depending on certain values in the document. As an example, perform a Purchase Order Mail-Merge, and group all the AutoCAD drawings related to the Purchase Order. The purchase order it self

13 Using “Baan Mail-Merge” for archiving documents
You can use “Baan Mail-Merge” for archiving documents. Run a range of orders in Auto-Mode. A run of 500 Purchase Orders will be cut into 500 different PDF files. From archiving historical documents (From the time Baan was first implemented) – perform a one time project. Archiving new documents can be performed in a nightly job

14 Using “Baan Mail-Merge” for archiving documents

15 The Archive

16 Sample Purchase Order in the archive

17 Your documents are archived. Can you easily access them?
If you do not store your documents electronically, it will be hard to have fast access to them

18 Accessing documents in the archive
Use Windows Explorer to find a certain document in the archive You can use Google desktop Enterprise to find a document You can implement a document management system.

19 Using a Document Management System
A document management system (DMS) is a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. The term has some overlap with the concepts of Content Management Systems and is often viewed as a component of Enterprise Content Management Systems and related to Digital Asset Management. The Wikipedia Document Management Systems allow you to manage different corporate documents in your organization.

20 Using NAZDAQ’s “Baan Hot Link”
“Baan Hot Link” is a cost-effective system to manage and access documents from within Baan sessions

21 Accessing Archived Purchase Orders from Maintain Purchase Order
From within Maintain Purchase Order

22 Features in Baan Hot Link
Link a Baan session with any type of file Link a Baan session with a Folder Link a Baan session with a web-based application all documents linked to a Baan session.

23 Accessing more documents from within Maintain Purchase Order
Link a Baan session with any type of file

24 Case Study I: Accessing documents at Conwed Plastics
We also realized that the range of applications where the Hot-link can be applied is only limited by our imagination. We quickly found uses for Hot-link in customer order entry, which is where we were looking for a solution, but discovered several more applications beyond the original one, like Purchasing, Warehousing and Others. Good stuff. I check the NAZDAQ website regularly to see what they are going to come up with next. John Carroll, Manager of Information Technologies, Conwed Plastics, Minneapolis, MN

25 Case Study II: Archiving and Accessing documents in Remploy
Baan is Remploy's ERP system with more than 1000 users. With users entering Purchase Orders in all sites and one central Accounts Payable Department located in Swansea, there was a need to electronically speed the Invoice Matching process: All Purchase Orders are archived using “Baan Mail-Merge”. Once a supplier invoice is received, it is scanned and saved as a tif file in a central server. In order to access the scanned invoice and the Purchase Order from within the Match/ Approve Purchase Invoices Session, Remploy implemented "Baan Hot Link“, a product from NAZDAQ. Mark Tissiman, IT Development Manager - Remploy, Swansea, the United Kingdom

26 Accessing Archived Purchase Orders and Invoices

27 Simple Archiving – Simple Access
Baan Mail-Merge and Baan Hot Link do not write or read any index files. Archived documents are created as PDF files with a naming convention that relates to the document – Which makes it easier to link to them directly from within the document later. As an example Purchase Order is archived as pdf. Once in a Purchase Order session, the link automatically exists with file pdf from within Purchase Order

28 Summery The NAZDAQ tools are installed in hundreds of sites in 50 different countries. Single installation and easy to configure Great return on investment Get a 30 or 60 day fully operational demo for testing Work with SSA Baan 4b, 4c, 5b, 5c and ERP LN

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