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©2013 Thomas J. Palumbo Author, Yesterday, Once Again.

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1 ©2013 Thomas J. Palumbo Author, Yesterday, Once Again

2 This is a ghoulish school task. Notice the internal rhyme, please. Can you take five of your favorite and scariest monsters and bring them to life in a Powerpoint filled with tercets? You know, the three lines of poetry that each rhyme!

3 Medusa Perseus was the the hero who cut off her head, He didnt look in her eyes or hed be dead, This is a Greek and Roman legend I hope youve read.

4 Dracula Bram Stokers guy immortal with a bite of the neck, Youre young and pale forever, so what the heck, Dont drive after bitten or youll surely wreck.

5 Freddy Kruger This one will make you really scream, He appears first in a nightmare or dream, His metal claws place him on the all horror team.

6 The Hydra Shes impossible to defeat thats for sure, You cut off one head and she grows four, This snaky creature is the leader of mythical gore.

7 Frankenstein Mary Shelley designed this sympathetic creature, Instead it appears in every monster feature, Think shed change her mind, if we could reach her?

8 Cerberus Hes the fierce dog that guards Hades gate, If you see his two heads, its too late, The Land Of the Dead is your forever fate.

9 Chimera The Chimera is made of many animal parts, No one knows where its body really starts, Most of his prey are killed with its tails deadly darts.

10 Gargoyle We see them as statues on buildings they sit, Are they protectors or spirits of medieval wit, In my dreams they give me a terrible fit.

11 Alien vs. Predator Are they attackers from the present or past, A battle with them will be your last, Their invisibility is a plus and theyre fast.

12 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Stevenson asks, Is he Doctor Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? Two tormented people live inside. Londoners continue to look for him, far and wide..

13 Casper Casper is the friendliest ghost, Little kids like him the most, All the other monsters arent close.

14 See if you can add five additional monsters of your own to this slide show before branching out to other scary topics like poisonous snakes, deadly insects, and animals of prey.

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