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Ridgefield Health Department Lyme Tick Borne Illness Prevention Program.

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1 Ridgefield Health Department Lyme Tick Borne Illness Prevention Program

2 Do you know what a tick is?

3 A Tick is a Small Bug The Blacklegged Tick (Deer Tick)

4 What happens if a tick bites you?

5 Will it hurt if it bites you?

6 NO! Most people don’t even feel the bite of a tick!

7 Will it itch if it bites you ?

8 Sometimes it may feel itchy…

9 What should you do if you see a tick on yourself ?

10 SHOW AN ADULT ! Parent Teacher School Nurse

11 The adult should remove the tick as soon as possible!

12 Will it hurt when they take the tick out?

13 Yes…. it usually hurts… a little bit

14 What should we do with the tick?

15 Bring it to the health department! They will send the tick away to be tested You will be able to find out if the tick was carrying any bacteria

16 Will i get sick?

17 Maybe not…. 1.Not all ticks carry bacteria in them. If the tick did not have any bacteria, it can’t make you sick. 2.If you found the tick soon after it bit you, the tick would not have enough time to make you sick.

18 Maybe Yes… 1.IF the tick is carrying bacteria, you may get Lyme disease 2.IF you don’t find the tick when you check for ticks and the tick stays on you for 1 or 2 days you may get Lyme disease.

19 What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is a disease you can get from an infected tick.

20 If I get sick, what will happen?


22 What kind of symptoms? Some people may get a red rash. If you do, tell an adult right away. (even if it is in a private place on your body)

23 What else could happen? 1.You may get very very tired 2.You may get a fever 3.You may get achy joints 4.You may get a headache or a stiff neck

24 What do I do then? Make sure you tell an adult if you get any of those early symptoms. The adult will take you to the doctor If the doctor thinks you are sick from a tick, the doctor will give you medicine to help you feel better.

25 If my friend has Lyme disease, can I catch it from my friend?

26 NO! It’s usually tough to be sick, so your friend will need you to be extra kind!

27 Can My Pets get Lyme Disease?

28 YES! Dogs, cats, and horses can get Lyme Disease too!

29 What Can I do so my pet doesn’t get Lyme Disease? Ask your veterinarian about a vaccine Ask your vet what other things you can do to protect your pet Check your pet for ticks each time they come in If you find a tick on your pet, show an adult

30 Can I catch Lyme Disease from my pet????

31 Well….. You can’t catch the disease from your pet… BUT… Ticks can walk off your pet onto YOU …soooo It is best to check your pets often and it is best not to sleep with your pet…

32 If we don’t want to get sick from a tick, what should our family do ??????


34 BLAST Ridgefield Health Department Lyme Disease Prevention Program

35 B

36 Bathe or Shower within 2 hours after coming indoors

37 L

38 LOOK ….

39 What should you look for???


41 Adult female tick

42 Look for TICKS and remove with fine tipped tweezers

43 Look for RASHES too!!!

44 A

45 Apply repellents Some families don’t want to use repellents on their skin. Instead, they may choose to use repellents on their clothes. Some families do both!

46 S

47 Spray the edges of your yard! Some families do not want to spray their yards. If your family decides to spray your yard, it is best to hire a person that is trained to do this job safely.

48 T

49 Treat your pets Check your pets for ticks. Ask your vet what you can put on your pet to repel ticks Don’t sleep with your pet because they may have ticks on them

50 B

51 L

52 A

53 S

54 T


56 BE A LYME FIGHTER! Everyone in the family can help each other Lyme Disease!

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