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So, You are Treasurer of your 4-H Club! Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development 2005.

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1 So, You are Treasurer of your 4-H Club! Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development 2005

2 Congratulations ! Your job is essential to your 4-H club. You have a VERY important role to play in managing club money.

3 As Treasurer, you are responsible for… The 4-H club’s money The 4-H club’s bank accounts And maybe even the 4-H club’s fund raising activities Ensuring proper management of these funds

4 4-H Club Fund Raising Ideas Carnival Recycling Drive Box Supper Car Wash Candy Sale Window Washing Calendar Sales Paint Mailboxes

5 4-H Fund Raising Guidelines Any fund raiser must have an educational purpose Record of income and expenses for each fund raiser is required A financial report must go to Extension Office within 30 days after the event. Funds are used for 4-H related expenses only --- –Not for individual club members –Not for personal expenses

6 4-H Fund Raising Guidelines (cont’d) Revenue received from any fundraiser must be in a 4-H account Must be used by the sponsoring club or 4-H group. 50/50 Fund Raisers may not be held (this includes any betting activities) Raffles: –should have a quality product for the winner – not cash! –Check with County Commissioners for guidelines to conduct a raffle

7 Laws affecting 4-H Club Funds 4-H Club Money belongs to the club – not the individuals in club. The treasurer’s records of the 4-H club are open for inspection at any time by anyone. “Keeping the Books” includes the checkbook, the receipt book, the check register, payment vouchers and bank statements. Follow the guidelines in the “So, You Are Treasurer of Your 4-H Club Book” (#5242— revised June 2004).

8 Serving as a new 4-H Treasurer Know what types of bank accounts your club has. Visit the bank to learn about their services and expectations. Refer to page 5 in the treasurer’s book for more guidance. Learn what the club’s Federal Employer Identification (EIN) number is. (Each club must have one of these.)

9 Audits Who: The President appoints an audit committee--2 members and 1 leader What: A formal review of a club’s financial accounts. When: To be done before a new treasurer receives the records. Why: To see that the club money has been spent correctly. Why: To be sure the records are accurate --- accountability.

10 What to bring to each club meeting The approved budget The check book Yourself and the leader who is authorized to sign checks should be at the meetings. Envelopes and stamps

11 The Club Budget Based on the Club Plan of Work – what the club will do during the year. Includes expected income and expenses for the club year. Is usually just an estimate, but also provides a plan for the year.


13 Responsibilities To keep the 4-H Club’s check register up to date. To issue receipts when the club receives money. To prepare and make bank deposits for the club. Pay the bills with appropriate documentation (voucher, receipt/invoice and appropriate signature) Write checks on behalf of the club Prepare a monthly treasurer’s report. See the 4-H Club Treasurer’s Book for details on doing these things.

14 Monthly Treasurer’s Report – a Priority!! Shows the club membership the financial activity of the previous month. Circulate a copy of the treasurer’s report and the bank statement among the club members at each meeting. When approved, it is included with the Secretary’s minutes.


16 Annual Summary Financial Report Required of all 4-H Clubs, Councils, Committees, and groups. Creates an open, public record Fulfills the audit concerns of MSU Completes the federal requirements for financial accounting by 4-H Clubs. Due in the County Extension Office on September 30th of each year.


18 Your Guide to Success as a 4-H club Treasurer

19 Have fun and learn as much as you can!

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