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Covenant Foundation Full Proposal Budget.

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1 Covenant Foundation Full Proposal Budget

2 Using the Budget Template
Revenue In-Kind Other Grants Program Fees Other (i.e., individual contributions) Expenses Personnel, Consultants, Supplies, Other Project Budget and Request to Foundation Simply enter numbers. Formulas are already set.

3 Budget Guidelines Focus on expenses directly related to the proposed program Personnel and Consultants No overhead

4 Budget Narrative Explains the basis used to estimate costs
Details how major items requested relate to the proposed project activities References specific line items in your completed Full Proposal Budget Form

5 Financial Statement Form
Revenue Contributions Fees and Dues Grants Earned Income Other Expenses Personnel Professional Fees Occupancy Costs/Rent Travel and Meetings Supplies and Equipment Communications Other Other non-recurring expenses (i.e., capital expenses) **This form corresponds to the most recent completed fiscal year.

6 Audited Financial Statements
Preferred: Copy of the audited financial statements from the two most recent years. If audited financial statements are not available, then submit a copy of the two most recent unaudited financial statements. If neither is available, please contact a Foundation staff member who can discuss special circumstances, including: New Organizations Fiscal Sponsors Etc.

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