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DD-214 AS1 Calderbank 410-293-2606. REFERENCES BUPERSINST 1900.8B.

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1 DD-214 AS1 Calderbank 410-293-2606


3 Purpose  DD-214 is a brief, clear-cut record of a period or term of active service.  DD-214’s will be completed for eligible personnel at time of release, transfer, change of status or retirement/transfer to fleet reserve.

4 Preparation of DD-214  Data entered into the DD-214 comes from service, health, pay records and official orders as appropriate.  The DD-214 Work Sheet will be used by the separating member to ensure all information is accurate.

5 Block by Block  1. Name  2. Department, Component, Branch  3. Social Security Number  4. Grade, Rank, or Rate (4b pay grade)  5. Date of Birth  6. Reserve Obligation Termination Date  7. (7a) Place of entry into active duty

6 Block by Block  7b- Home of record at time of entry  8a- Last duty assignment  8b- Station where separated  9. Command to which transferred- Personnel being released under 8 years, members being transferred to Fleet Reserves, or retired will read NAVAL RESERVE PERSONNEL CENTER (reference BUPERSINST 1900.8B page 9)

7 Continued…  10. SGLI Coverage  11. NEC or NOBC held for one year or more.  12. (a through h ) Total prior active and inactive service/Foreign service/advancement dates.  13. Decorations

8 Continued…  14. Military Education- All in-service schools successfully completed.  15 (a and b) VEAP and Montgomery GI Bill information  16. Days accrued leave paid  17. If member is not Dental Classification I you have 90 days to contact the VA for treatment.

9 Continued…  18. Remarks- Entries in this block consist of information not elsewhere on the DD- 214, such as:  A) Continuation of information  B) Missing information  C) Discharge for disability  D) Effective date of retirement/ Transfer to Fleet Reserves

10 Continued…  E) Dates member attended the Naval Academy.  F) Upgraded discharges.  19a- Permanent mailing address  19b- Next of Kin mailing address  20. Member request to have copy 6 sent to State Director of Veterans Affairs  21. Member Signature

11 Continued…  22. Official Authorized to sign DD-214  23. Type of Separation  24. Character of Service  25. Separation Authority  26. Separation Code (NBD- 20 years service)  27- Re-entry code (enlisted only)

12 Continued…  28. Narrative reason for separation- Should correspond to block 26.  29. Dates of time lost  30. Initial Block 30 to receive copy 4 of DD-214

13 Distribution  There are 8 copies of your DD-214. Refer to BUPERSINST 1900.8B for distribution list (page 21)  Officer copy 7’s are destroyed. Enlisted copy 7’s are retained in service record.  Copy 8’s are held by separating activities for two years.

14 Corrections  Instructions for receiving a replacement DD-214 are found in BUPERSINST 1900.8B  For veterans seeking to apply for benefits, in addition to your DD-214 you will need to fill out VA-21-526, form may be downloaded at

15 Have a great day!  On behalf of the Atlantic Fleet Career Information Team I would like to thank you for your service to our Navy.

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