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Where To Begin With Social Media And Why Do It? (i.e. begin with the end in mind)

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2 Where To Begin With Social Media And Why Do It? (i.e. begin with the end in mind)

3 You Can Get More Sales By Leveraging Your Time Relationship Marketing You Can Charge Higher Fees By Establishing Yourself As The Expert In Your Local Marketing Area You Can Gain More Control Over Your Revenue Stream By Reaching Out To The Public Directly

4 Social Media Is A Way To Deliver A Message From Many To Many. Thats A First In History You Can Have A Two Way Dialogue You Can Get Feedback This Changes Everything

5 Social Media Mimics Real Lifes Basic Need To Gather. People Want To Be Together And Learn And Share Not Be Sold Its About Building Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me Relationships If You Would Be Perceived As A Butthead For Doing Something In Real Life Then Youll Be Perceived The Same Way If You Do It In Social Media

6 The Big Equalizer For The Little Guy (aka, You And Me!) You Cant Put Up a Web Site Today And Expect 100s Of People To Show Up There Tomorrow It Doesnt Cost Your Firm Money To Promote Little Companies Can Build An Audience You Can Easily Surround Yourself With Your Prospects And Let Them Get To Know You

7 Facebook Has More Than 355,000,000 Users 55% Of All Americans Have An Account They Spend An Average Of 19 Minutes A Day Average Time Spent On Google 3 Minutes Bonus: Facebook Is Totally Viral

8 Twitter Is Doubling In Size Every 90 Days Their Short Term Goal Is 50,000,000 Users

9 YouTube Has 75,000,000 + Videos And Growing Daily YouTube Gets More Viewers Than ABC, CBS, NBC And Fox Network Combined.

10 The You Network And A System To Do It

11 The Power Of Consolidation And Linking

12 We Are Going To Link All Of Your Social Networking Properties Together To Build The You Network

13 Twitter Facebook YouTube Your Blog / Website Blog Talk Radio

14 They Dont Treat People As Friends, So… Say Nice Things Be Complimentary Let People See All Sides Of You (not just your business side) Be Helpful If Your Not Having Fun, Others Will Sense That

15 Mom Already Told You This, Dont Kiss (sell) On The First Date! ;-) If people think your sole purpose for being on the site is not to add to the community but to sell then you will fail. When You Go To A Real Social Gathering (as opposed to a virtual gathering) Hopefully You Dont Start Selling Right Off The Bat (or at all). Definitely Dont Be Pushy!

16 Thinking Its About The Number Of Friends Or Followers! Its Really About The Quality Of Your Friends And Followers. Who Is Your Target Audience? Real Estate Professionals Mortgage Brokers Home Buyers & Sellers Consumers Of Other Services You Sell

17 Thinking It Takes Too Much Time And Never Getting Started Not Updating Your Properties On A Regular Schedule Not Following The Terms Of Service Of The Various Sties Not Moving Your Friends And Fans On To Your List

18 I Cant Stress This One Enough… REPEAT: Not Adding To The Community But Just Flat Out Selling. This Is The Kiss Of Death On A Social Networking Site! People Join Social Networking Sites To Be A Part Of A Community Where They Can Build Relationships. Contribute To The Community And Get What You Want…Sales!

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