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Why is it so hard to weed? ASLP/PLD Chico Retreat October 2007.

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1 Why is it so hard to weed? ASLP/PLD Chico Retreat October 2007

2 What are your barriers to weeding? Reluctant to weed classics Item might be needed in the future Possible negative public reaction No money to replace weeded books Hesitant to weed donated or memorial items Hesitant to week one-of-a-kind or out-of-print books Hesitant to weed items of local importance*

3 What are the benefits of weeding? Maintain accuracy of information Keep library as a current and vital resource Improve access to collection, increase circulation 20-50% Gain more knowledge of collection

4 Weeding 2007 – Dutton Public Library This spring we weeded the childrens picture book section, and we got rid of around half of the titles that we had. I was worried that maybe we had been a little heavy handed. But the first thing the kids said when they came in was: Look at all the new books! - Jean

5 What are some other reasons to weed? Outdated items, inaccurate information, items that do not circulate Physically damaged materials Overcrowded shelves Duplicates Superseded editions Items are outside the scope of library collection Items are available in alternate formats Items are available through ILL

6 Public library weeding survey Dilevko, Juris, and Gottlieb, Lisa. Weed to achieve: a fundamental part of the library mission? Library Collections, Acquisitions & Technical Services. 27 (2003) 73-96 pdf.pdf The three most common reasons for weeding among the librarians surveyed were circulation, physical condition and accuracy of information. The librarians overwhelmingly believe that weeding increases use of books and patron satisfaction.

7 General weeding criteria - MUSTIE M = Misleading (and/or factually inaccurate) U = Ugly (worn beyond mending or rebinding) S = Superseded by new edition or better book on the topic T = Trivial (of no discernable literary or scientific merit) I = Irrelevant to the needs and interests of your community E = Material may be obtained Elsewhere through ILL

8 Essential weeding tools CREW online manual Standard bibliographies such as H.W.Wilson publications - Public Library Catalog, Fiction Catalog, Childrens Catalog – and other professional literature Copyright as a criterion

9 Establish criteria for weeding Approaches toward fiction and non-fiction may be different What guidance does your collection policy provide? Library-specific considerations –Items of local importance –Community demand

10 Getting stakeholders to buy-in: policies The weeding section of a collection management policy should include: Written statement on criteria and methods used for weeding Written statement describing how weeded materials are disposed of Attach discard procedures

11 Sample policies Public Library – Beloit Public Library (Wisconsin) Academic Library – Augusta State University (Georgia) Special Library – Handbook of Federal Librarianship (Depository Libraries)

12 Stakeholder buy-in: training Weed it! For an attractive and useful collection: great tips and advice for planning weeding projects from the Western Massachusetts Regional Library System CREW Powerpoint presentation developed by CREW guru Belinda Boon pt pt Weeding the Library Collection: online course from Idaho Commission for Libraries

13 Weeding at Lewistown Public Library: …The workshop was very useful in that we are seeing our collection with new eyes. I am used to seeing the books the way they are and never notice that they are starting to look a little ratty or tattered. Ive tried very hard not to put the books back. Even the classics that were weeded are staying weeded. They havent checked out since we have been on Sirsi so it is time to make room for things that will be used… -Nancy

14 Stakeholder buy-in: public relations Put your policy on your webpage Publish an FAQs page about weeding Press release for fundraiser lets people know what happens to weeded materials

15 Additional Resources Sunlink Weed of the Month Weeding Webography ALA Fact Sheet 15 act15.cfm act15.cfm

16 Questions? What are you waiting for? Thanks for your attention Contact: Lauren McMullen

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