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Raigmore Primary School My Learning Journey. Raigmore Primary School My Learning Journey.

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1 Raigmore Primary School My Learning Journey

2 Raigmore Primary School My Learning Journey

3  This term, we have been introducing our new ‘My Learning Journey’ to the children across the whole school, including Nursery. ‘My Learning Journey’

4  The format of this is something we have been working on for some time in school  We have tried various versions of this in each class.  You may be familiar with ‘learning logs’ or ‘portfolio jotters’. ‘My Learning Journey’

5 A Learning Journey is where children can: -  set targets for different curricular areas and social skills  reflect on their learning  consider their next steps  think about what they need to do to improve.  Share achievements & successes, both in and out of school ‘My Learning Journey’

6 Learner’s Statement  ‘All About Me’ - a personal entry introducing themselves  Pupil likes/dislikes, what they enjoy in school and at home.  This will also then inform their Learner’s Statement in the final end of year Profile & Report. Section 1 in ‘My Learning Journey’

7 My Personal Learning Plan Target setting and evaluations. Children will consider:  How will I meet this?  Who will help me and how?  How will I know when I have achieved this?  When will I achieve this? Section 2 in ‘My Learning Journey’

8 My Learning Store  The main focus of the evidence will initially be on Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Well-Being.  Evidence will be pupils reflecting on their own learning, feedback from teacher, parents or peers.  Evidence can include photographs, teacher feedback, drawings, children’s comments, parent’s comments etc. Section 3 in ‘My Learning Journey’

9 Achievements  This section includes achievements both in and out of school.  Achievements are recognised and reflected upon, as well as celebrated. (Achievement Wall, class/school blog etc)  Pupils will be encouraged to think about not just what was done but what was learned. Section 4 in ‘My Learning Journey’

10 Golden Rules Self-Assessment  At the end of each term, the children will reflect on how well they are able to keep to our Golden Rules. Section 5 in ‘My Learning Journey’

11  These folders are working documents which provide a way of involving the children in discussions about what they are learning and how they are learning.  You will be given regular opportunities to look through your child’s folder throughout the year and are encouraged to add your comments also, for example, when your child learns something new/has success with something at home etc. ‘My Learning Journey’

12  The Learning Journeys are designed to tie in with the regular reporting to parents that we do through our ‘Home From School’ reports.  They can then be revisited by the children to help them reflect on how they have been doing in school and should show their progress across the year. ‘My Learning Journey’

13 Raigmore Primary School Any questions?

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