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The XML Server Dr. Zhiwang Fan

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2 The XML Server Dr. Zhiwang Fan

3 Traditional databases and their limits XML: Another Internet revolution? XML database and Tamino Agenda

4 Traditional databases and their limits

5 Traditional Databases according to their Storage Hierarchical Database - ADABAS Relational Database - Oracle - DB2 - MS SQL Server Object Oriented Database - ? Object Oriented Relational Database - Informix

6 Theory of Relational Model Relational Algebra Entity-Relationship Concept Normalization Referential Integrity SQL (Structured Query Language)

7 Features of a relational DBMS Data Store Kernel SQL-Engine API Client - Server Architecture ODBC, JDBC Drivers Security Transaction and Isolation Multi User and Multi Session

8 Limitation of current DBMS The Relational Database has reached its Peak No more new Vendors of large DBMS The current DBMS can only treat simple Data The Market needs new DBMS for complex data The Market needs Platform crossed and Web oriented DBMS


10 Query No Query Relational DBMS Object-Relational DBMS File System Object-Oriented DBMS Simple DataComplex Data 100 150 1 Stonebrakers Estimation Relative Size of DBMS Markets in Year 2005

11 The Query Language of a Object-Relational DBMS OQL: Based on OO Programming Languages like C++ SQL3 (Standard about 1500 pages): - user defined type (for complex data type) - user defined functions - Super Table (Inherence)

12 XML - Another Internet revolution ?

13 Short History of Information Technology Office Automation Enterprise Automation Inter-Enterprise Automation

14 What is XML? XML: Extensible Markup Language W3C Standard Subset of SGML Separate the layout from the text content XML describes only the data structure HTML delivers text layout XML is the base for Internet Automation HTML is for human reading XML is for computer reading

15 Difference between HTML and XML July 1, 1999 9:00 a.m. Frankfurt Germany 18 XML file Weather Report Weather Report Date: July 1, 1999 Time: 9:00 a.m. City: Frankfurt Country Germany Temperature: 18° C HTML file markup

16 Content Management, Document Management e-Book Library e-Government Supply Chain Management Mobile Phone Protocol like WAP XML: Basic Technology of e-Business

17 XML Components Data/Document XML Type Information (Meta Data) DTD/Schema In-Memory Programming Model(API) DOM/SAX Layout and Transformation XSL, XSLT Query Langugage XQL, XPath, X-Query, XML QL, Quilt

18 XML-Database and

19 SQL Data Table Data Input and Output from Database: Entry based data: First_nameNameSexPosition HaraldSchmidtmManager ErikaMannfDeveloper TimHolmesmConsulter

20 XML Data Structured Data Input and Output: Harold and the Purple Crayon Johnson Crockett Harper and Row 4.76 1995 A A A B B B C C C C A B C C C CAB

21 Tamino... is the Information Server for Electronic Business is the first native XML DBMS can store and manage any data attaches directly to the Internet without programming turns any data source into Internet objects can access and integrate any existing data source supports XQL as well as SQL for relational data supports NT, Unix and Mainframe systems

22 SQL XML XML over SQL (SQL is not optimal) This is slow, difficult and proprietary is right This ensures performance, and extensibility Tamino: A Native XML Database XML

23 X-Machine and SQL-Engine SQL Engine Tamino XML-Data SQL-Data X-Machine Web / Internet XML Application SQL Application Datastore inolnk


25 DCOM / CORBA Tamino The XML Platform for Electronic Business Tamino XML Database Tamino X-Node Tamino X-Bridge Application Bolero / X-Studio / Java / C++ Web Server MachinesHumans SQL DBMS Remote XML applications Core Transaction Systems

26 Usage Across Applications Sept. 2000



29 Thank you

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