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PE CLASS :D. Do Gymnastics Today the teacher decides that they will be teaching gymnastics. You choose to:

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2 Do Gymnastics Today the teacher decides that they will be teaching gymnastics. You choose to:

3 Wag Class You decide to wag class because PE is a bludge subject in your opinion. Four things come from this:

4 Do Theory Then Play A Game Your teacher decides you will do some theory then as a reward for working well you get to play a game. Something good happens:

5 Do Theory Your teacher insist you have a lesson of theory as there is an exam in the near future. You:

6 Play Soccer Today your teacher tells you that in your lesson you will be playing soccer. You respond by:

7 Participate And Listen To Instructions You make a good choice and participate in gymnastics. You listen to all the instructions so that you know exactly what to do. You:

8 Don’t Listen To Instructions Instead of listening to your teacher giving you instructions you start looking around at the equipment planning what your going to do first. During the lesson you:

9 You Miss Out On All The Fun Later on you see statuses on facebook about how much fun your friends had in class. Now you wish you didn’t miss class. DAMN!DAMN!

10 You Learn Nothing In class they covered important skill required for the assessment coming up.

11 You Get Expelled You got caught by another teacher who takes you too this principle. You have wagged to many times and the principle decide’s to expel you. This makes your parents very angry.

12 You Learn A Lot And Get Good At The Sport Now you have the knowledge and skills to pass your assessments and the exam!

13 Talk To Friends You decide to talk to your friends. This was a bad choice because in this lesson the teacher covered a lot of what was in the exam tomorrow. You missed:

14 Participate And Engage In Class You chose to participate in the lesson. Theory is boring sometimes but the outcomes are well worth it, well done! From this you:

15 Join In And Play As A Team You chose to join in and play as a team, this is rewarding as you:

16 Join In But Hog The Ball You join in but play the whole game just trying to score. You:

17 Stand Around Talking To Your Friends You stand around talking to your friends while everyone else is playing the game. You:

18 Get Fit Now that your fit you find your health gets much better and you can finally learn to surf like you always wanted to. WINNING AT LIFE!WINNING AT LIFE!

19 Learn To Do Gymnastics And Have No Injuries Afterwards Now you have learnt skills to pursue your hobbie as a circus actor. WINNING AT LIFE! WINNING AT LIFE!

20 Break Your Leg You didn’t listen, now its holidays and your stuck at home while your friends are at the skate park. HATING ON LIFE. HATING ON LIFE.

21 Well Done! Good work! Now you have all holidays to go and do what you want. WINNING AT LIFE!WINNING AT LIFE!

22 Important Content Oh oh. You missed important content. Now you:

23 Do Well In Your Exams YAY! Now you have made your parents proud and they reward you with a

24 Learn New Things About Sport And Your Body Now you know what it requires to become a professional soccer player and how to increase your fitness levels by looking after your body properly. WINNING AT LIFE! WINNING AT LIFE!

25 Make New Friends You did well working together with some of the players on your team, now they have invited you to go on a

26 Have Fun You joined in and worked as a team. This was so much fun and made you want to better yourself and your skills. WINNING AT LIFE! WINNING AT LIFE!

27 Let The Team Down You let the team down by hogging the ball and not letting everyone join in the fun. This Annoyed your friends Annoyed your friends

28 Learn Nothing You learnt nothing in this lesson. This is what made you

29 Got Sent Out You got sent out of the class and you miss a lot of work. You

30 Annoyed Your Friends Now your friends are annoyed at you they don’t invite you on the holiday they are all going on. DAMN DAMN




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