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High Volume Rapid Turnaround Media Production Louis Broome, Manager SMSGR World Wide Creative Services Microsoft.

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1 High Volume Rapid Turnaround Media Production Louis Broome, Manager SMSGR World Wide Creative Services Microsoft

2 Internal facing Behind the firewall Pro-sumer hardware & software External facing CMS, DRM Broadcast hardware &software

3 Team Infrastructure Tools/Process Deliverables Next

4 Mission Mantra Know it NOW Lead the development, production and distribution of multimedia content to drive field Readiness

5 SHANGHAI GCR Production Redmond Post READING EMEA Production BEIJING GCR Production FY08Q1 BANGALORE APAC Production Redmond Post FY08Q1 CHARLOTTE FX | Motion Graphics R&D | Webs/Blogs STUDIO 31 Buzz/EPG STUDIO 122 SMSGR * * I m p a c tI n n o v a t i o n * REDMOND

6 Video produced, in hours: Headcount: FY06 996 4.5

7 Servers Technology Content replicated using DFSR only the delta data is replicated Publisher/subscriber replication model DNS based routing Users routed based on IP address One common URL across all regions.6 TB of data +/- Storage Area Network (SAN)

8 Servers Development -> Production Content is posted to development server for testing/QA Finalized content is uploaded to the publishing server Replication is done automatically Distribution Flexible content access, through application, direct access, etc Separation of content and application High content availability and reliability

9 Servers US publisher http ftp mms Europe - subscriber Asia - subscriber

10 Develop Produce Deliver

11 Impact Audience Marketing

12 Business impact effort High impact = greater resources Low impact = fewer resources

13 R E E L

14 Capture media on the fly Create Edit Decision List on the fly Fine tune post-production workflow Perfection

15 E D L


17 V I D E O W M P

18 1 0 2 4 X

19 5 1 2

20 M O B I L E D E M O

21 M A R K E T I N G D E M O

22 We want to shoot an hour long video on location on Mt. Rainier. Its due next week, we have no money, and it has to be funny. ~ Anonymous Customer

23 An amateur thinks it's really funny if you dress a man up as an old lady, put him in a wheelchair, and give the wheelchair a push that sends it spinning down a slope towards a stone wall. For a pro, it's got to be a real old lady. ~ Groucho Marx

24 1 2 3 4 5 6

25 Deliver Review Sign off Hand off Archive IMPACT



28 Demo Capture 1024x768 / 1280x1024 A blazingly fast workstation w/massive RAM Audio Card - E-MU 0404 (SB Audigy 2 ZS)E-MU 0404 RGB Vision PCI card, DataPathDataPath DVI2USB, 15fps @ 1024x768, EpiphanEpiphan Camtasia 4.0, TechsmithTechsmith DVI2USB/RGB Vision WME - Compression/Destination/File RArchive Camtasia 4.0 Techsmith.AVI 2.8GHz dual core x 2 or better, 4+GB RAM, 15K RPM SCSI, RAID 0 * *

29 Demo Compression Vegas Edit Brightness & Contrast Sharpen/Unsharp Mask Compression Profile 1024x768 or 512x384 Video = 500 kbps, CBR, WM9, fps20 Audio = CBR, WM9.2, 32kbps, 32kHz stereo

30 Mobile Demos Presenter best practice Solid black pointer, increase size Keep pointer on relevant area Slides @ 32pt font, view @ 33% Vegas Edit, pan, scan & zoom presets Brightness/contrast, sharpen/unsharp mask Compression Dual: 512x384, 500Kbps desktop & mobile devices Mobile: 320x240, 256Kbps (video/slides) Video = 500Kbps, CBR, 20fps, WMV9 (demo) Audio = CBR, WM9.2, 32kbps, 32kHz stereo

31 Software Windows Media Encoder & Utilities Expression Encoder Sony Vegas 7.0 – Suite Adobe Creative Suite, Production Studio Premium Adobe OnLocation CS3 (aka, DVRack) Camtasia 4.0 SmartSound – Sonicfire Pro iStockphoto – royalty free stock images Edit Sheet 2.5 (Microsoft internal only) ASX Builder 2.0 (Microsoft internal only) Audio Meter (shareware) Carrara 5.1 Poser 7 Wondertouch Particle Illusion SE Trapcode Particular & 3D Stroke Lux Digital Juice Sound FX, Jumpbacks, Motion Design Elements, Stacktraxx

32 Hardware Workstations Dell Precision 680 – Edit Dell Precision 380 – Guest/Prompter Dell LCD Monitors x 4 (3 – edit, 1 – master control) 2TB Storage E-MU 0404 audio card RGB Vision VGA capture card KVM Video Sony PD170, Canon XL1 Panasonic PV-GS31 x 3 JVC BR-DV600U Sony Field Video Monitors x 2 Videonics Digital Video Mixer CSI Tripod, 15lb head Field Kits x 2 In addition to the usual… Compact – 69lbs Boom pole Manfrotto tripod DVI2USB Every adapter known to man Audio Symetrix 565E Dual Compessor/Limiter/Expander Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro audio mixer Mackie Big Knob Studio Command KRK V4 Audio Monitors Furman Line Conditioners Lectrosonic Wireless Kit x 2 Sony ECM-77B x 2 wired lavs Neumann TLM 103 x 2 AudioTechnica AT835B Sony ECM-C10 mini plug Studio & Misc MirrorImage 15 LCD teleprompter nNovia Fire Switch VGA Multiplier (4, powered) Lowel Fluo-Tec 250 x2 (dimmable) Lowel Fluo-Tec 450 x 2 (dimmable) Lowel Pro x 2 C Stands, clamps, mounts, cables, etc.

33 Efficient Network Throughput – Specialized protocol (UDP) optimized for live and on-demand streaming. Better Audio and Video Quality to the User: Example 1 - If network congestion is allowing only 22 Kbps instead of 28.8 Kbps, the server can decide to retain the audio quality but slightly lower the frame rate of the video stream. Example 2 - UDP's inherent higher priority over HTTP traffic gives the streaming audio and video data higher priority than file. Support for Advanced Features - Detailed reporting of streams played, VCR controls (seek, fast-forward, rewind), live video delivery, and delivery of multiple streams to the client Streaming with Windows Media Server - Advantages

34 Cost Effective Scalability to Large Number of Users Specialization - I mprove scalability by a factor of 2 to 3 over a Web server Multicast Support - Single media stream played simultaneously by multiple clients, drastically reducing bandwidth use. Protection of Content Copyright – Media delivered directly to the client application (WMP) with no easy way for the end user to intervene. Multiple Delivery Options: UDP – provides the most efficient network throughput Multicast - efficient delivery of streaming content to large numbers of users TCP - Optional HTTP +TCP - Optional Streaming with Windows Media Server - Advantages cont…

35 Utilizing existing infrastructure – No new software infrastructure to be installed or managed. Streaming with Web Server - Advantage

36 Streaming with Web ServerStreaming with Windows Media Server Existing solutionLong term cost effective solution Download-and-play technologyProgressive playback Passive burst methodology employedActively and intelligently streamed Shorter media length for fast downloadOptimized routines for reading the huge media files Optimized for non-real-time applications such as file transfer Ideal for transmitting real-time audio and video data HTTP/TCP protocolsUser Datagram Protocol (UDP), specialized protocols to greatly improve the streaming experience. UDP traffic gets higher priority over TCP. Overloaded server resources result in additional server installation cost –no financial savings Improve scalability by a factor of 2 to 3 over a Web server – long term financial savings. Comparative Analysis

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