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EUMEDGRID-Support Project Federico Ruggieri (Project Director) Cairo 26 January 2010.

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1 EUMEDGRID-Support Project Federico Ruggieri (Project Director) Cairo 26 January 2010

2 2 Project data & Partners Objectives & strategies Main activities planned Next events Conclusions Outline

3 Project Status Support Action co-funded by European Commission under: Capacities specific program - Research Infrastructures - FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2009-1 Project ID 246589 Duration: 24 months Start: 1 st January 2010 Budget (EU contribution): 740 k Budget (Total): 867 k

4 Project Partners 14 Partners + 2 Third Parties from 13 Countries

5 The EUMEDGRID e-Infrastructure 25 EUMEDGRID sites have been deployed in 13 countries, giving a total of 1800 connected Servers and about 84 TBs of storage capacity

6 Objectives & Strategic Lines Support the consolidation and expansion of the EUMEDGRID Infrastructure with a special emphasis on sustainability. Hi Level Policy Dissemination Create a Two Level network of Competence Centres Widen the existing human network involving new user communities Strongly cooperate with other projects and initiatives relevant for the Mediterranean

7 7 User Support and ROC User support will be provided by a 2 levels support structure: – First level, local support to users – Second level centralized support Extensive training will be provided to site administrators – Enabling new resources for local support An EUMED Regional Operation Centre (ROC) will spin off during the project Initial support and training on ROC procedures and tools provided by the IGI ROC (Italian Grid Infrastructure)

8 Country-level tasks NGI Monitoring Accounting M/WRepo. Cert. Auth. VOMS VOMS 1 st Level user supp. DataCatalogs Info. Syst. L&B WMS

9 EUMED-level tasks MED M/W release Monitoring Accounting Catch-all CA Global VOMS 2 nd Level user supp. Gen. Info. System Knowledge repo. High level Grid services

10 Application lifecycle

11 – Formal agreements/Memorandum of Understanding are to state explicitly what the interested party needs from the project and what they will offer in return – Facilitates the relationships between those projects and EUMEDGRID activities – Extends technical work leveraging similar or complementary working carried out by other projects – Help projects interact and share their experiences – Multiplies promotional activities Community Engagement Strategic Projects Serve as a point of contact for projects which are collaborating or wish to collaborate with the project and establish formal collaboration agreements

12 Hi Level Policy Dissemination 3rd EUMED Event in Brussels 31st March 2010 Organised in cooperation with EUMEDCONNECT2 and GEANT3. Participation of stakeholders and policy makers of the Mediterranean Countries.

13 First Thematic Workshop Rome 25-27 October 2010 - Environmental Radioactivity: New Frontiers and Developments Details: – Venue: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome, Italy – Social Events: Visit to Gran Sasso National Laboratory – INFN – Main Sponsors: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian Ministry of Education and Research, Italian Ministry of Environment, IAEA, INFN, University of Roma Tre, CINFAI, ENEA, ISPRA, ISS, EUMEDGRID-Support – 1 Day dedicated to eInfrastructures for Environment.

14 EUMEDGRID-Support Website

15 Conclusions EUMEDGRID-Support is officially started on 1 January 2010 – Brand new Web Site: – Launch Event in Cairo 26 January 2010. It builds on the results of EUMEDGRID – Resuming its pilot infrastructure – Basing on its exploited human network Will focus on e-Science in – Sustainability – High Level Policy Dissemination – Education and Training for long term support – Promoting best practices, sharing experience – Liaising EU and the Mediterranean scientists, Projects, User Communities and other eInfrastructures

16 Thank you for your kind attention ! Any questions ?

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