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1 Bali Process Workshop on Enabling Electronic Exchange of Lost and Stolen Travel Document Information April 2005.

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1 1 Bali Process Workshop on Enabling Electronic Exchange of Lost and Stolen Travel Document Information April 2005

2 2 Presentation Advance Passenger Screening Information Sharing AustraliaNew Zealand Presented by: Lorraine Tomlinson – New Zealand Miles Henderson - Australia

3 3 Government decision to implement APS (January 2002) The screening system consists of: 1.interactive APP check performed at check in where a known risk passenger can be denied boarding at check in and 2.analysis by border agencies of advance passenger information so the agency can prepare for interventions against suspect travellers before they arrive New Zealand ’ s APP system is the same system used successfully by Australia since 1996 One of the key features of the system is that it improves the ability to share information with overseas government agencies to enhance character and identity checks Advance Passenger Screening - Background

4 4 Secure airline commitment IT system development (including data/system security Set up a 24/7 APS support office – staffing, training, resources Stakeholder management Enabling legislation to enforce APP checks and allow international information exchange Data Sharing arrangements with overseas and domestic government agencies Key APS implementation tasks

5 5 Information & Data Sharing process Engage/seek high level approval early with agencies Project plan the activities Regular meetings Satisfy legislation, privacy, systems, joint processes, support and security issues In parallel with working through the issues, develop and agree on MOU ’ s

6 6 Australian visa and passport data Project to access Australian passport and visa data is now complete after approx 2 years from concept to reality New Zealand has been accessing the data via the APP system since February 2005 New Zealand and Australia retain the right to make their own sovereign decisions on entry to their respective countries

7 7 International and Domestic MoUs Australia/NZ framework –Government level overarching principles –Agency level MoUs (passports and visas) –Over 12 months to finalise –Privacy issues (Aus privacy principles to comply with) NZ framework –Law change and MoU required to access/use NZ passport information –On going –Privacy issues (consultation with NZ privacy agency)

8 8 Key actions in the Australian New Zealand MOU ’ s going forward Agree on amendments to joint processes from time to time Consult on particular legal claims if any Enter into Trans tasman discussions about practical and cooperative arrangements to enable impounding of L&S Australian or New Zealand passports Notify Australia if DoL is required to disclose Australian travel document or visa information Undertake regular reviews of security standards – at least two yearly

9 9 How data sharing works via APP for New Zealand Departure Control System Airport check-in agent NZIS systems NZ APP Application Processor NZ visas NZ alerts Person location expected movements boarding requests validation requests, biodata requests visas, alerts, person locations boarding directives Comms Gateway [SYD] [ATL] [Auckland] Access to NZ passports not yet implemented NZ Customs EDIFACT AU APP Application Processor AU passports AU visas NZ Passport [SYD] Near-real time XML messages

10 10 Benefits of access to Australian visa and passport data Key benefits; Increases the probability of screening out false documents Enhances New Zealand ’ s visa free regime because there is a greater range of data to validate against The validation process means border agencies in New Zealand can have confidence in the accuracy of API Overall reduction in the number of APP issues for Australian passport and visa holders who are transiting to Australia via New Zealand or directly to New Zealand. Less data entry required of airlines

11 11 Access to Australian visa and passport data Whole of Government approach Regular and structured communication with New Zealand counterparts Changes to regulations System security System specifications

12 12 Access to Australian visa and passport data Negotiation of MOUs -Minimal required information -Security of data -Privacy of data -Agreed protocols for dealing with “ hits ” -Contact points – 24/7 support centres Ongoing cooperation and communication

13 13 Future initiatives Enhancing data sharing with Australia –Feasibility of sharing person alerts, criminal records Data sharing arrangement with New Zealand passports RMAL developments with Australia and USA Continuing to work with other governments (Pacific in particular) to enhance security of the region, by sharing data

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