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The 6 “Faces” of New Jersey

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1 The 6 “Faces” of New Jersey
Mr. Rowe & Ms. Hallock Chapter 2 Visual Study Guide

2 There are 6 faces of New Jersey
New York 2 Mountain Land (2) High Country (1) Great Pathway (5) Pine Barrens (6) Garden Spot (3) Jersey Shore (4) Pennsylvania 1 Hudson River 5 Delaware River 4 Atlantic Ocean 6 3 Delaware

3 Facts about NJ There are 6 faces of NJ – different regions filled with different kinds of land and sites NJ is a PENINSULA – a piece of land surrounded by water on 3 sides Atlantic Ocean Delaware River Hudson River Surrounded by 3 states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York

4 The Mountain Land Kittatiny Mountains High Point Monument (1,803 ft)
Appalachian Trail (hiking) Tough to build on the mountains because of rough, high land Dairy cows roamed the land to graze because it was too hard to grow crops Many trees that provide shade, beauty

5 High Country or Highlands
Had many mines – not used anymore Many lakes here Largest lake in NJ is Lake Hopatcong Many people commute to New York City for work Many RESERVOIRS that store water for cities and towns Iron Ore Lake Hopatcong Reservoir

6 The Great Pathway Provides a “path” between New York City and Philadelphia 9 biggest cities with the most people are here Contains many roads and highways Has universities and factories Has libraries and museums Most important face because MANY people live and work here Newark Airport is here

7 The Jersey Shore Borders the Atlantic Ocean Many people vacation here
Soil is too sandy for growing crops Atlantic City has casinos Settlers were whale hunters, fisherman, and clam diggers because they needed to be near the ocean

8 The Garden Spot Has many plants and trees
Good for growing because it is warmer and has a longer growing season NJ is known for many fruits and vegetables like CORN, CRANBERRIES, STRAWBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, APPLES, PEACHES People used to think TOMATOES were poisonous – they are grown in NJ Has flat land and rich soil

9 The Pine Barrens There is a myth that the Jersey Devil lives here
Largest face of NJ Settlers thought the sandy soil wouldn’t grow plants, but it has many trees, wild flowers and shrubs People who study plants are called BOTANISTS Most of this area is flat Many towns here are “ghost towns” – villages that used to be busy, but now are abandoned Contains many parks and forests

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