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Technology Holding Co., Ubiquitous Science (Theme: Design) technology provider Sewage Act (Art.21, 26) : Enacted on Sept 28, 2007 (apartment requirements.

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1 Technology Holding Co., Ubiquitous Science (Theme: Design) technology provider Sewage Act (Art.21, 26) : Enacted on Sept 28, 2007 (apartment requirements ) Providing real estate policy for application-specific buildings theme (design, project implementation and construction) by nation(city, province) and restoration of global environment through water industry in 21C. 1)16 Cities, provinces) : 2 nd Five-year (sewage reuse) Plan …1 2) Job creation by trade in 16 cities and provinces …. 1 Cyclone Engineering Co., Ltd April, 2010 192 OECD member countries in the world

2 Contents Contents 11 BIZMAKE 1. Outline of company 2. Technology Holding Co engaged in water business (using theme ) 3. Company introduction (Characteristics ) 4. Marketability : 16 cities, provinces(250 cities) business strategy (contribution) ( ) 5. Financial Plan 6. Management Plan(personnel organization, production facilities), ) 7. Business Plan strategy by country(region) ( ) 8. Goal of addressing global warming : Restoration of environment to what it used to be in 1960-70s Cyclone ENG Co. : Technology Holding Co

3 Introduction : Cyclone Engineering 1-11-1 BIZMAKE Cyclone : Climate. Named after Western Pacific Typhoon 1) Patented technology title of developed technology 2) Developer of source technology : technology provider (alternative water resource & various environment restoration project) * Cyclone Engineering. LTD. CO Trade : Theme & technology holding co. using water industry.. & Scope: Architecture, civil, water, sewage plant, project execution (design, supervision, construction). Environment consulting 1.1 Outline of sewage project ( Apartments requirements ) For the purpose of improving quality of living of its citizens and developing secondary water resources, Korean government has enacted Sewage Act intended to expand base for sewage reuse (Art. 21, 26) since Sept 28, 2007., 8 ) 1.2 Feature of themes technology ( architecture, civil, design ) : providing alternative water resource T ransfer of excretions using domestic sewage discharged every minute in all buildings (. ) and providing themes technology to all countries. Intended to provide technology to cope with ever-worsening water shortage, global warming, ecological change, coping with climate chan ge, environment restoration.. *. !

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5 Date Main content of reduction technology International patent registration 2003-Sept. 2006, R&D on reduction (wastewater, sewage, wastefood ) and resource recycling and completion of patent strategy Nov 2006 Flush toilet bowl using cyclonic purification device 20-0435433-00-00 July 2008 Flush toilet bowl and cyclonic purification device 10 - 0859753 Sept 2008 Wastefood processing system(recycling through device to restrict waste generation) ( ) 20-0435928-00-00 Sept 2008 Wastefood processing system 10 -2007-0098484 July 30, 2008 Oct. 2008 Company establishment at Daeduck Special Zone (Small Business Supporter Center No. 403/2 ) Alternative water resource (application-specific buildings : technology to transfer excretion using domestic sewage, ) Foreign investment attraction NEE-AA08-0011 (copyright ) Aug 2007 Flush toilet bowl using cyclonic purification device PCT/KR/2007/004161 Feb 2009 Flush toilet bowl using cyclonic purification device US 12/438.177 Jan. 2009 Using domestic sewage in application-specific buildings for continuous development of water resource and processing technology Environment Technology Promotion Board. May 2009 Application-specific building integration system( architecture, civil) New technology for Construction environment Reduction? : Theme technology capable of recycling wastewater, sewage and wastefood discharged in the buildings. Sewage Act : Korean government has enacted Sewage Act intended to expand base for sewage reuse (Art. 21, 26) since Sept 28, 2007 and integrated Contaminated water and excretion Act into Sewage Act which is intended to s upply secondary water resource to each city and province.. Ubiquitous buildings: Status of patent registration 22 BIZMAKE

6 OECD member countries : W a ter, theme (technology, manpower supply ), conflict resolution service - 1. Water management technology for stable water securing 1) Dam(590) : life-saving water 2) Building theme : Sewage Law (Domestic sewage : Alternative water resource ) Providing technology to recycle domestic sewage discharged every minute to transfer excretion (. ). Per day by country Water consumption per capita Standardiza tion (Estimate) Korea 365 Sewage Law About 180 In Korea Japan 460 Australia 414 Italy 412 US 633 Providing worldwide OECD countries exposed to global warming with technology to restore global environment by addressing climate change caused by global warming thanks to technology to secure water in a stable manner that (dam : life-saving water) (eco-system: climate, temperature, change in water temperature) 21century ( ) (***. ) OECD member countries : Ubiquitous ( Science technology : Theme ) OECD member countries : Ubiquitous ( Science technology : Theme ) Providing exit strategy for deflationary world economy Providing exit strategy for deflationary world economy 22 BIZMAKE

7 2.1 Providing alternative water resource to use-specific buildings (water management) as-installed Building in Korea Water consumption per capita (providing alternative water resource ) Technology to secure water resource Coo kin g Flushi ng, face washin g Bath, sho wer laundry toilet other s S- total Future estimate By us e 1) household 14.912.568.637.162.741.8237.6 (134) 150 Dam: providing life-saving water 2) Providing water to transfer excretion in all buildings. 2) Business, commercial, public bath mobile toilet, For the world : water used in everyday life to be provided to transfer excretion 90 15 Water developed to transfer excretion per day 50 mil people X 180 per capita = 9 mil ton Water resource : about 18 mil ton to be provided continuously. 365 ( 164 / 180 ) Providing about18 mil ton / day of recycled domestic sewage to transfer excretion:. 1-2

8 Data on source technology to tackle water shortage and climate change. ( ) DATA Data on source technology to tackle water shortage and climate change. ( ) DATA 2-22-2 BIZMAKE Illustration of market trend : construction of buildings in the world (exclusive design ) ( Korea, where since mid-1970s apartment culture started to develop, and other countries in the world have been undergoing difficulties in coping with water shortage and global warming. Compelling those to make huge investment in R&D effort to develop alternative water resource. We, Cyclon, will emerge technology holding company of business in all trades by providing them with technology (theme technology: design) to recycle domestic sewage discharged by all population in the world in everyday life into alternative water resource. (.. ). We will not spare our effort in protecting beautiful global environment and putting water technology in permanent use for our offspring for untold years to come, while enabling all businesses to utilize theme technology(design ) of recycling domestic sewage to transfer excretion. Korea : 365 Japan:460 Austria :414 Italy : 412 US : 612 Standard : 180 litre) (Source: Ministry of land and maritime. Water resource Corp.) e.g.)180 – (water consumption by country) = change in ecosystem And sea water temperature. e.g.)180 – (water consumption by country) = change in ecosystem And sea water temperature.

9 Architecture, Civil, water, sewage integrated plant, (Design, supervision. Construction, manufacture, installation ) 1 st step) Construction : Outsourcing, design, supervision, construction, execution 2 nd step) Manufacturer : Right to manufacture (monopoly). refer to list 3 rd step) Constructor (royalty) : Architectural, civil (Specialized, general construction) Feature : Providing new building based on sewage law in 2000-year old history. Above picture shows a section of 1 st floor where sewage and sanitation pipes are integrated into a manhole and domestic sewage discharged every minute and excretion are transferred to sewage treatment plants by unpowered process technology. 2.3 Water & Sewage Law by country(region) :Providing policy for eco- friendly housing through water business

10 Right to manufacture OEM.processing Design Supervison Construction Execution General PLANT Job creation by item(trade) (architectural, civil, water, sewage plant ) for social contribution FLOW Outsourcing by trade through competition in cost and technology(design, supervision, construction, project execution,manufacture ) 1. Foreign investment attraction 2. Investment 3. 4. Continuous providing Technical service Technology Holder Co. (multi- national business) Construction management: royalty (specialized, general construction ) 3. For 16 cities, provinces : outsourcing by trade( corporate M/A ), job creation by item(trade) and providing eco-friendly housing ( ).

11 3.1 Site associated with commercialization of technology by region in 250 cities Development of source technology 1)Alternative water resource 2) Wastefood recycling ( construction. environment) * New technology roadmap 1.Ministry of knowledge and economy: new growth engine 2. Ministry of Environment 3. Ministry of Land and Maritime affairs :.,. 1 16 Overseas partner : investment attraction. Outsourcing licensing etc. Restructuring M/A : licensing technology Development : co-development by industry and academia

12 3.2 Strategy by country – providing policy by cooperative transaction (contribution) Swap Transactio n : Cooperation -As the technology in question has a great ripple effect, it should be prevented from being transacted in the interests of any particular business and individual... -When the global transaction is done with government with our offspring in mind, its intended effect will be doubled. E.g. ) : investment, M/A etc by city and province.... Intended to prevent global warming caused by water and international conflict and promote environment restoration Intended effect) - continued cooperative transaction between countries. - providing funding worldwide(Kiko) : 16.. Strategy by country : featured by the fact that environmental technology is shared globally. &

13 1 Outsourcing service by trade through water business: 2 Wastefood recycling : providing device to restrict generation of waste Unique characteristics of patent right (trade) : 1st : In the light of characteristics of environmental technology, it is possible to enter the global market strategically considering national prestige. ( ) 2nd : Providing governments and OECD member countries (various interests : significance of the issue ) with global standardization. Oecd - &. -. Strategy of entry in the world (cities, provinces), centrally based in Asia, Europe, South America.enviro

14 4. Korea, US (OECD, Europe, countries which joined FTA ) : strategic entrance in both directions.... : OECD effect ) Korea and USs strategic entrance in both directions is meant to provide theme through M/A by country (trade). ( ) Korea and the US to provide the world with technology and policy to cope with global warming and climate change OECD = US- KOREA strategic entrance in both directions 50 States = 16 Cities, provinces < Licensing ? in the world by city, province Regional development by attracting businesses( funding) ( ).

15 5. Flow of technology export using campaign to restore environment flow Providing water supply and technology from home to business (city, province) to the world 1-5 10 12 (46) (45) FTA (14) (54) (23) Korea : Strategy designed for 100 years to come for future generation. 100 Strategy to attract investment from 16 (cities, provinces) in Asia, Europe, South America 16 (. ) Providing policy and technology for the world to cope with climate change 10th 10-year plan : Aug. 2009 – 2019 Project : Global environmental restoration Budget : None & serving branch office by item and by trade Intended effect : Exporting technology and manpower Anticipated effect : Technology holding country (international conflict. cooperation. continued campaign to restore environment ) Proposal : Providing the world with water and real estate policy. * Anticipated effect : Technology holding country * Budget : None 2.Effect : Continuous regional development in 16 cities, provinces (250) Project : ( 3 rd sector, foreign investment attraction, + providing technology ) job creation, serving branch office by trade. 3. Objective : Campaign to restore environment to what it used to be in the 1970s. 4. Anticipated effect : providing funding worldwide (Kiko) (conversion rate KW vs. US, Crude oil, raw materials, grain, conflict, global warming) 5. Ripple effect : Social stability by producing visible/ invisible effect by region. 6. Synergy effect: Continuous repercussion by trade 100-year strategy for future generations 1. Source technology : Korea Target Registration country :Korea, US 2. Technology holding country: Korea : 3. Country in cooperation : FTA Europe Anticipated effect for 16 cities and provinces(250 cities) : international technology exchange by trade and regional development.. * 5 th 3-year plan : Aug 2009. – 2019

16 OECD member countries : Need for Korea-US cooperation (objective) Outline : We provide all OECD member countries with technology to address water shortage, alternative water resource and climate change (environment restoration) 1 st step: Objective of simultaneous progress in two countries : 1) Korea : Attraction of foreign business partner (industry. education, policy development) for regional development in 16 cities and provinces (250 cities) 2) US : Entry with strategic composition of companies in countries besides Europe, Korea and the US ( comprising about 1000+ companies ) Effect) Composition of technology holding company for reasonable entry by country in the world With Korea-US cooperation in place, it is intended to conduct global campaign to restore environment based on market principle by region. Purpose of constituting principal (fund ), Need for Korea-US cooperation policy :. ( ?) With respect to right to the technology in question, in 21st century governments and businesses in Korea, the US and Europe constitute principal to conduct campaign to restore environment for our future generation and provide technology, real estate policy and further, even service to resolve international conflict,ultimately toward 'we are the world". - Country( Government) to supervise the progress of business in city and province and provide quality leadership and policy - reasonable progress with businesses by trade (multinationals aimed at social contribution) ( ?) Technology holding company, comprising multinational, provides all countries (technology, education and policy industry) with all technology, fund (share) and secured right, reasonably at the same time, but not in the interests of individuals.

17 6. Providing policy: providing technology for the world to restore environment (policy,campaign) The technology in question belongs to all people in OECD member countries (large, mid, small businesses) The world (businesses in OECD countries) will continue development of science technology using our technology. Korea is technology holding country to retain source technology. We will provide unsparingly technology to restore global environment and climate change so that the beautiful global environment in 21st century will be handed down from generation to generation through cooperation by item and by trade in industrial technology Contribution : to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea on June 12, 2009. Three words quoted from the Buddhist Bible are applied here. My valuable things are used in your interests, in my interests and then in mutual interests of both of us.

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