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IE or EI ? How to know.

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1 IE or EI ? How to know

2 The rule is: I before E Except after C Or when sounding like “A”
As in “neighbor” and “weigh”

3 Examples of I before E believe thief niece field yield

4 Except after C Receive Receipt Conceive Deceive

5 Or when sounding like A as in “neighbor” and “weigh”
Reindeer Eight Reign Their

6 Quiz Time Sounds like “EE” Believe or believe? Believe Thief or theif?
Niece or neice? Niece

7 Quiz Time Except after C Recieve or receive? Receive
Decieve or deceive? Deceive Reciept or receipt? Receipt

8 Quiz Time Sounds like “A” Neighbor or nieghbor? Neighbor
Weigh or wiegh? Weigh Eight or ieght? Eight Neigh or niegh? Neigh

9 Final Exam Santa has __ght r__ndeer. Santa has eight reindeer.
Rudolph rec__ved an award for valor. Rudolph received an award for valor. Will the th__f dec__ve the police? Will the thief deceive the police?

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