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Introduction to WebQuests Cynthia Matzat eMINTS Area Instructional Specialist.

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1 Introduction to WebQuests Cynthia Matzat eMINTS Area Instructional Specialist

2 What is a WebQuest? Inquiry-oriented curriculum unit Based on a doable, engaging task Integrates predefined resources from the Web to facilitate teaching and learning Can be short- or long-term

3 Why Use WebQuests? Increase student motivation Prompt higher-level thinking Incorporate cooperative learning strategies

4 Building Blocks of a WebQuest Introduction Task Process (includes Resources) Evaluation Conclusion

5 Introduction The purpose of the introduction is both to prepare and hook the reader. The student is the intended audience.

6 Task The task focuses learners on what they are going to do - specifically, the culminating performance or product that drives all the learning activities.

7 Process This section outlines how learners will accomplish the task. Scaffolding includes clear steps, resources and tools for organizing information.

8 Evaluation This section describes the evaluation criteria needed to meet performance and content standards.

9 Conclusion The conclusion brings closure and encourages reflection.

10 Additional WebQuest Elements Usually a group activity Includes role-playing for learners Can be single discipline or interdisciplinary

11 Design Steps Become familiar with the resources available online. Identify topics that fit the curriculum and have materials available online. Use a template to start.

12 Helpful Resources To find links on how to create WebQuests, information about WebQuests and WebQuests you can use in your classroom, check out the WebQuest place.

13 Taskonomy of WebQuests

14 Practice: Select a WebQuest to Use in Your Classroom

15 Credits and References This presentation was adapted from information found at the following websites:

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