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2014 District 5360 Secretary Training 1 of 41. To provide training for new Club Secretaries. To update current Club Secretaries. To (maybe) introduce.

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1 2014 District 5360 Secretary Training 1 of 41

2 To provide training for new Club Secretaries. To update current Club Secretaries. To (maybe) introduce some new ideas. Objectives 2 of 41

3 1.Ask questions. Please speak up! 2.This is generic, so remember Each Club is Independent and Unique You may do less; you may do more. When in doubt refer to Rule #1. 3.There may be alternate ways to do things. Check with your predecessor or your ADG. Guidelines 3 of 41

4 What is the role of a Club Secretary? 4 of 41

5 The Club Secretary is critical to the success of all effective Clubs. The primary Administrator and Information conduit for the Club. Responsibilities (1 of 4) 5 of 41

6 Here are RI’s main ones: Maintains Club records Sends notices of club and board meetings Records/maintains minutes of all meetings *Maintains membership records Processes new Members *Records attendance into ClubRunner *Make required reports to RI Works with other club leaders Responsibilities (2 of 4) 6 of 41

7 Provides Rotarian make up cards Rotarian Relocation Form *Club Information Changes *Official Directory Archives (History) Assist Treasurer with Membership Dues Club Elections/AGM Club Calendar Ordering supplies Club Correspondence Help organize Governor visit Responsibilities (3 of 4) 7 of 41

8 Locate and review with president/board the club charter/constitution/bylaws/policies File annual returns and financial statements with Corporate Registry. Locate Previous -Minutes-Club Meetings/Board – Club History – Correspondence – Membership records/attendance – Strategic plan Update Club Manual (if you have one) Responsibilities (4 of 4) 8 of 41

9 A Typical Board Agenda Template 9 of 41

10 Processing New Members (1 of 4) 1.Prospective member’s (PM) name is submitted to the board in writing 2.The Board approves or disapproves. 3.PM is informed about Rotary responsibilities, completes membership application, and then PM’s name is published to the Club. 4.If no objection is received within 7 days, the PM is considered elected to membership. 5.*Arrange for new member induction, order membership badge, report new member to RI and District. 10 of 41

11 Processing New Members (2 of 4) Transfers from another Club-may be proposed by their former club, and they must be in good standing with their former club (written confirmation). Approval by new club required. 11 of 41

12 Processing New Members (3 of 4) Classification describes either the principal activity of a firm or a person’s business or professional activity, such as ‘architecture’ or ‘banking’. Classifications should be as simple as possible while still giving a clear indication of the principal and recognized activity of the member’s occupation. 12 of 41

13 Processing New Members (4 of 4) Make it special! Have them invite family members Invite your District Governor/Assistant Governor to conduct the induction Sample induction scripts are available from, new member Orientation, page 16 13 of 41

14 Obtain necessary information from new members to enter data into ClubRunner Include Rotary information for transfers Enter & make changes for current members Delete members leaving Club *Membership Records 14 of 41

15 Semi-Annual Report RI sends this report out June 30 th & December 31 st Compare membership list with actual club membership and report differences on a worksheet. Submit a new member form for every active member not on the RI list Calculate required fees on the worksheet. Secretary and President sign report. Return report & worksheet to RI c/w payment Payment can be mailed in or made on line with a credit card through Member Access 15 of 41

16 Club Information Changes Official Directory Finding your way around Club Central Obtaining information on ClubRunner Membership list Sending group emails *Other Data 16 of 41

17 Club Elections & AGM deadline 31 December! Good practice-publish in Club Newsletter, website, Club manual Never use club data for soliciting or advertising for a club member’s business. Never sell it! Encourage members to update their own information. District dues are based on June 30 th membership. Please don’t ignore emails – we try to keep them to a minimum – we are volunteers too. Miscellaneous 17 of 41

18 A contacts handout is available. Contacts 18 of 41

19 19 of 41

20 – ALIAS 20 of 41

21 – map 21 of 41

22 Group Participation Ladies and Gentlemen Start your computers! 22 of 41

23 Group Participation – 23 of 41

24 Group Participation – 24 of 41

25 Group Participation – Add Member 25 of 41

26 Group Participation – Edit Member 26 of 41

27 Group Participation – Delete Member 27 of 41

28 Group Participation – Club Info 1/3 28 of 41

29 Group Participation – Club Info 2/3 29 of 41

30 Enter the address into and the coordinates show up in the address bar. Just highlight and copy & paste. Group Participation – Club Info 3/3 30 of 41

31 Group Participation – Attendance 1/3 31 of 41

32 Group Participation – Attendance 2/3 32 of 41

33 Group Participation – Attendance 3/3 33 of 41

34 Group Participation – Report to RI 1/3 34 of 41

35 Group Participation – Report to RI 2/3 35 of 41

36 Group Participation – Report to RI 3/3 36 of 41

37 Group Participation – Emails 1/4 37 of 41

38 Group Participation – Emails 2/4 38 of 41

39 Group Participation – Emails 3/4 39 of 41

40 Group Participation – Emails 4/4 40 of 41

41 Do not hesitate to contact any of the resources we have provided or another Club Secretary. Communication is key to your success Enjoy your term as Club Secretary Final comments 41 of 41

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