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Semester I Review.

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1 Semester I Review

2 Semester I Review How many sig-figs are found in each number? 0.345
3005 300 3.002

3 Semester I Review Round each number to three sig-figs. 45678 0.002894
23.76 100.5 56.799

4 Semester I Review Which of the following is a mixture. Pure water
Clean air Iron (II) oxide Salt water Carbon dioxide

5 Semester I Review Which of the following is a chemical change.
Cutting paper Boiling water Rusting iron Burning gasoline

6 Complete the table using the given numbers
Symbol Mass # Atomic # Protons Neutrons Electrons X - ___ 10 15 Y - 35 14 Z - ___ 56 25

7 Semester I Review Calculate the average atomic mass given the following data: element Y has three isotopes 35.0% = 23.5 amu, 55.0% = 25.0 amu and 10.0% = 26.0 amu.

8 Semester I Review 25.0 grams of a given metal displaces 44.2 mL of water; what is the density of the metal?

9 Semester I Review What did each scientist contribute to the development of the modern atom. Dalton Thomson Rutherford Milliken

10 Determine if the data below is accurate, precise, both, or neither
Trial # Measurement True Value = 34.50 1 34.56 2 34.45 3 34.78 Calculate the percent error using the average of the measurements.

11 Semester I Review The splitting of a nucleus is known as ________.
The combining of two small nuclei to form a larger one is known as __________. Give the formula of an alpha particle and beta particle.

12 Semester I Review Decay of polonium-218 by alpha () emission.
Decay of carbon – 14 by beta emission Decay of Thorium by an electron capture

13 Semester I Review The half-life of phosphorous-30 is 2.5 min. If you start with 55 g of phosphorus-30, how many grams would remain after 27.5 min?

14 Semester I Review Calculate the specific heat of an unknown metal, given that 25.0g of the metal lost 3570 J of energy during a temperature change from 100.0oC to 25.0oC

15 Semester I Review Identify each of the letters on the graph and explain what is occurring. C D E F G

16 Semester I Review Label the solid, liquid, and gas regions on the graph. Label the triple point and critical point At 600oC and 90 atm, what phase is yummygum in?

17 Semester I Review Give the formula for the following compounds
1) iron (II) arsenide 2) lead (II) sulfate 3) lead (IV) hydroxide 4) copper (II) acetate 5) beryllium chloride 6) ammonium chromate 7) silver oxide 8) potassium sulfide

18 Semester I Review Give the name of the following compounds 1) NaBr
2) Sc(OH)3 3) V2(SO4)3 4) NH4F 5) CaCO3 6) NiPO4 7) Li2SO3 8) Zn3P2 9) Sr(C2H3O2)2 10) Cu2O

19 Semester I Review Name the compounds H2SO3 H2S H3PO4 HCN H3P HBr HClO

20 Semester I Review Give the formula for the following compounds
hydrofluoric acid hydroselenic acid carbonic acid nitrous acid sulfuric acid hydrobromic acid Chlorous acid

21 Semester I Review Antimony tribromide Silicon difluoride
Tetracarbon octahydride Dinitrogen monoxide Pentaphosphorous decoxide Sulfur hexachloride

22 Semester I Review P2O5 SO2 NO2 AsCl3 P4H8

23 Semester I Review Balance and classify the reactions
____ C8H18 + ____ O2  ____ CO2 + ____ H2O ____ FeCl3 + ____ NaOH  ____ Fe(OH)3 + ____NaCl ____ P + ____O2  ____P2O5 ____ Na + ____ H2O  ____ NaOH + ____H2 ____ Ag2O  ____ Ag + ____O2 ____ S8 + ____O2  ____ SO3

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