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Lake Zurich School District 95 is reintroducing Aflac! Deborah Guilbeault WELCOMES YOU!

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1 Lake Zurich School District 95 is reintroducing Aflac! Deborah Guilbeault WELCOMES YOU!

2 HIGHLIGHTS AFLAC’S PLANS PAY CASH BENEFITS DIRECTLY TO YOU. All plans are voluntary. Available at reduced rate. 100% portable and guaranteed renewable if you leave the company. No rate increases. Pays regardless of whatever other insurance you may already have. Plans start at as little as $4.00 per week. : Aflac benefits are NOW available to Lake Zurich School District 95 Employees

3 Excerpts from: WebMD Medical News Feb 2, 2005 Medical Bills Can Lead to Bankruptcy In 2005, half of all bankruptcies were due to illness and medical bills. High deductibles, co-payments, and out of network expenses add up to BIG debt. Loss of income as well as medical bills can lead to financial duress. Medical crisis often becomes a financial crisis.

4 Each year 2 million Americans – those who file and their dependents – face the double disaster of serious illness and bankruptcy. The premise of her article is How did illness bankrupt middle and upper class Americans WITH health insurance? Sick and Broke Excerpts from: Elizabeth Warren; Law Professor at Harvard University

5 Sick and Broke Elizabeth Warren; Law Professor at Harvard University Her research showed that bankruptcies were caused for 3 Primary Reasons 1. Medical expenses not covered such as deductibles & co-pays. 2. Non–medical expenses, such as… travel expenses, extra household help, ambulances, etc. 3. Loss of income. REALITY CHECK: How long could you go without a paycheck and keep your bills current?

6 This is why Lake Zurich School District 95 has agreed to make these plans available. Personal Accident Protection Plan Personal Sickness Protection Plan Catastrophic Indemnity Income Protection Plan

7 Personal Accident Indemnity Plan Why own an accident policy? Accidents Happen 5 th leading cause of death for ages 1 – 44. An injury can be just as debilitating as an extended illness. Aflac pays CASH benefits directly to YOU for the following. Emergency Treatment Follow – Up Treatment Initial Hospitalization Physical Therapy Accidental Death Ambulance Plus … much more.

8 Aflac’s Plans Pay CASH directly to you. Available through payroll deduction at a reduced rate. Can be paid with pre-tax dollars. Family coverage available. 100% guaranteed renewal and fully portable. No rate increases regardless of claims incurred.

9 Catastrophic Indemnity Plans Why own a catastrophic CASH benefit plan? Cancer Heart Attack Bypass Surgery Stroke Kidney Failure Coma Burns Plus….much more Men have a 1–in–2 chance of getting cancer in their lifetime. For women the risk is a little more than 1-in-3. Cancer is the number one cause of medical expense bankruptcy. All others listed here are life-threatening and pose great financial risks because of their statistically high level of incidence and cost.

10 Catastrophic Indemnity Plans CASH BENEFITS ARE PAID FOR THE FOLLOWING. First-Occurrence Benefit Upon Diagnosis Hospital Daily Confinement Benefit Intensive Care and Step Down Unit Confinement Medical Imaging Continuing Care such as dialysis, physical or speech therapy, etc. Weekly Chemotherapy & Radiation (i.e. $900 week for chemo treatment) … and much more.

11 Aflac Plans Pay CASH benefits directly to you. Monies can be used as YOU see fit. No coordination of benefits. 100% portable. Guaranteed renewable. Safety net. Aflac can save you by helping to prevent a medical crisis from becoming a financial crisis.

12 For more information including a quote Contact Deborah Guilbeault via email @ Or call at 847-867-6838 Include Your name Family status. Single, married, husband & wife, one parent family. Date of birth. Best time to call. Phone number. Deborah Guilbeault Aflac Agent since 1990 847-867-6838

13 Yogi Berra says “Aflac pays you CASH, And that’s just as good as money.”

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