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NEIGHBORHOOD TRANSFORMATION CHURCH INITIATED. What Is Transformation Is a permanent change in people’s attitude, belief and behavior in all areas of their.

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2 What Is Transformation Is a permanent change in people’s attitude, belief and behavior in all areas of their life (physical, spiritual, emotional, social) who then facilitate the same changes in others who change their neighborhood from the inside out.

3 What’s Needed for Transformation

4 A Whole Person/Neighborhood Ministry Is! Where one person assists another to become whole. Those people then assist their neighborhood to become whole. It deals with all the different aspects of life: Physical Spiritual Emotional Social  Without the spiritual component there is no wholistic ministry. ministry.

5 See a city transformed, neighborhood by neighborhood, in all areas of life. Neighborhoods are networked together so eventually the city is transformed as a whole. Vision For The City

6 Observed Needs Of The Urban Poor Alcohol and drug dependency Spousal and child abuse Poverty No or sub-standard jobs Single moms on welfare Poor living conditions

7 Real Needs Of The Urban Poor Feeling of hopelessness Feeling of fatalism and I can’t change anything Don’t know what services are available Don’t know how to access these services Not organized to help change themselves or neighborhood

8 But There Are Many Assets Also There are many assets found in people living in the neighborhood as well as local associations and networks already functioning in the neighborhood. They are waiting to be used.

9 Ministry Approach A multi-faceted, neighborhood-based, development strategy that deals with the WHOLE person in urban poor areas which builds on their assets.

10 Neighborhood Based A Neighborhood is: Small in geographic size Built around an elementary school or A Census Track in US Census terms (Census ZIP Code is too large) Many time 10 to 12 square blocks in size Most cities have established neighborhoods set by the city government and historical precedence.

11 What Neighborhood Transformation Is Built On Identifying and utilizing the assets already found in the neighborhood. Mobilizing individuals, associations and institutions. to come together to build on their assets and not concentrate on their needs. Reawakens neighbor helping neighbor instead of being dependent on professionals.

12 Finding Assets In Your Neighborhood Individual Skills And Abilities Identify skills and assets of individuals and what they are willing to share. Association Identify what informal groups are involved in the neighborhood already. Institutions Identify formal organizations; government, for- profit and non-profit organizations.

13 Mobilizing a Neighborhood After Finding Assets in The Neighborhood Connect individuals to others and groups to use their skills and abilities. Build relationships among associations for common goals of neighborhood transformation built on assets. Form broadly based collaborative committed to further mobilizing existing assets for good of the neighborhood.

14 Ways to Help a Neighborhood Relief Ministries - Provides temporary assistance without addressing long term needs nor using assets found in the neighborhood. Betterment Ministries - Tend to create short term positive, caring beneficial environments and relationships that offer participants respite or positive experiences. Development Ministries - Focus on measured changes in knowledge, skills abilities or conditions of the participants

15 Our Goal In Transformation Is: Releasing Individuals & Neighborhoods To Be all They Can Be, By Transforming Individuals Who Transform Their Neighborhood From The Inside Out

16 Proactive Ministry Providers of transformation go to the people in their homes instead of waiting for the people to come to them. This fosters commitment of neighbors to their neighbors and causes transformation to be locally owned.

17 Meeting Felt Needs And Using Neighborhood Assets Local people in the neighborhoods identify needs and assets through simple exercises. Local people prioritize them. Local people use existing assets and resources already in the neighborhood. Trainers equip and empower the local people how to solve these needs using what they already have.

18 Ministry Is Committed To Partnering with groups already in the neighborhood. Find churches that are externally focused that want to empower others and reach their target neighborhood in a wholistic way. Tapping into existing networks already working within the neighborhood.

19 Ministry Is Committed To Promoting self-help within the neighborhood, not providing services to the neighborhood. Finding local leadership, training them how to solve their needs with people in their area and releasing them to do it. Discovering and using local resources found in their neighborhood.


21 Training/Facilitation Team A Launch Facilitation Team initiates the program and creates awareness in the neighborhood. Begins the process by identifying individual skills and associations within the neighborhood. Made up of a group of people with different skills and background equipped how to help the neighborhood. Trains the Committee and Neighborhood Mobilizers.

22 Committee Local people chosen by their neighbors to lead and manage the work. A group representing different segments of the area. Trained by the Training Team to be a good functioning committee.

23 Neighborhood Agents of Change Volunteers who have a heart to see their area changed physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Trained by the facilitation team on the identified priority needs of that area. Who Put into practice what they have learned. Share what they have learned regularly with their neighbors.

24 Process Within Church Introduce church to wholistic ministry. Identify Launch Team and begin to train. Envision and equip church through pulpit and small groups to do wholistic ministry. Do secondary research on target neighborhood. Identify skills that church members willing to share in the neighborhood. Begin Acts of Love in the neighborhood.

25 Church Study Small Groups study for all church groups, changing from a doing and segmented approach to empowering and wholistic approach. Three Study Options: DNA On Earth as it is in Heaven DVD series DNA Three books Kingdom Life Style Harvest On-line down-loadable materials Willow Creek 4 lesson Living Beyond Yourself

26 Training of the Facilitation Team Seven Saturdays spread over 24 months 1. Wholism and Transformation 2. Identifying assets and networking 3. How it works, Players and process 4. How it works, Steps and teaching 5. Building community ownership 6. Planning and Evaluation 7. Multipliable Leadership

27 Process Within The Neighborhood Develop relationships in the neighborhood with individuals, existing groups and networks. Identify assets and interest of people in the neighborhood. In small groups begin equipping neighborhood members to deal with identified issues. Meld small groups into one large group around central issue. Committee formed and trained. Neighborhood Empowers chosen, trained and begin work.

28 Expectations For Ministry Transformed neighborhoods from the inside. People know neighbors and helping each other. People knowing and growing in Christ. People taking responsibility for their own lives. Healthy growing churches. Improvement in employment and living conditions. Reduction in disease, crime, drug and alcohol addiction. Neighborhoods throughout city using the urban ministry networked together to learn from and encourage each other.

29 What We Bring A proven wholistic transformation approach which helps organize people to do things in groups to transforms their neighborhood as they are changed as individuals. Participatory teaching approach that equips neighbors to help neighbors. 1000 lessons on many diverse urban topics that they chose which will equip them to use their assets to deal with those things they want to see changed. An approach that systematically transforms multiple sectors in all areas of neighborhood life.

30 Some Urban Lesson Series How to get an keep a job Micro-enterprise, Small business Coaching/Mentoring for jobs and tutoring Personal finances Healthy Pregnancy 12 disease series 200 Spiritual lessons Children as agents of change

31 Pastoral Commitment Community Ownership A Passionate Champion What Does It Take To Succeed? Ministry not Marketing Open-handed attitude Grace-filled Calling

32 PO Box 576645 Modesto CA 95357

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