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2 Company Info Should I was founded by mortgage professionals who experienced the need for a tool to generate exclusive local leads. After seeing the results first hand of what an effective advertising and marketing campaign can do in combination with the website, we wanted to share the opportunity with other mortgage professionals around the country. We started a website that is easy to remember (, promises mortgage consumers that they will hear from a local, knowledgeable, mortgage professional within 24 hours, and allows our members to use the website to generate their own exclusive leads in their approved area of business. Our membership base consists of the very best mortgage professionals in the country. This commitment ensures that our customers will receive the very best level of service our industry has to offer which in turn will ensure the success of our company and our members. We believe that with your help, can become the 1st place consumers go when searching for a mortgage.

3 Company Tagline We promise consumers that by filling out one of our free online forms they will: hear from a local, knowledgeable, mortgage professional, within 24 hours after filling out and submitting one of our online forms There are three components that make our model work… Our members are local… Mortgage professionals that live in the same communities as our customers and provide… Outstanding prompt and convenient service.

4 Local, local, local… The problem with most online mortgage companies is that they are based in one centralized location and dont know much about their clients or the areas that they are lending in. Although consumers love the convenience of the internet, they feel most comfortable knowing that they are dealing with a local, reputable company. Should I is a perfect blend of both consumer ideals.

5 Mortgage Professional... Consumers not only want to work with a local company but also want to work with a reputable company which is where our membership criteria comes into play. Companies and/or individuals must apply and meet our requirements in order to become a member. This screening process is essential to preserve the integrity of the website, ensure our members success, and provide the very best level of service to our customers. Consumers can view the criteria for becoming a member at which gives them peace of mind knowing that they can expect to work with the best that the mortgage industry has to offer.

6 Prompt/Convenient Service. A mortgage professional possesses distinctive qualifications, one of which is outstanding customer service. Outstanding customer service is something that most companies strive for but few achieve and most mortgage professionals still in the industry excel at it. Real-time customer data transfer to our members will allow our members to provide the prompt service that our customers are looking for. Members who have superior customer service skills and a vast knowledge of mortgage products will greatly benefit from their membership and capitalize on the exclusive leads that they generate.

7 How it Works Our technology transmits real-time information from to our approved members anywhere in the country. Real-time information is essential because the quicker a consumer is contacted after filling out one of our online forms, the greater the success rate is of the approved member in that area. Our approved members will also have a login ID and password to view and track their leads as well as have access to our member marketing tools and resources. As our company membership grows and the organic ranking of increases, leads will eventually generate naturally from the website to our members. Areas of business are exclusive and are one a first come-first serve basis.

8 What We Do We provide our members with a tool to generate their own exclusive local leads that is much less expensive than the cost of owning the website or a similar website. Provide member marketing tools and resources to assist our members in running successful marketing and advertising campaigns. Help members coordinate large scale advertising and marketing campaigns that would normally be too expensive for an individual company to run. Staff and train customer service reps to route calls and inquiries from the live chat portion of the website to our members. Have the ability to terminate a membership at anytime if for some reason a member fails to meet our membership requirements.

9 What We Dont Do Sell our leads. Sell our leads to the highest bidder. Recycle our old leads and then sell them. Tell our members that we dont recycle our leads then do it anyway or anything of the sorts. Sell memberships to the highest bidder. Our memberships are exclusive to areas of business and are on a first come-first serve basis.

10 Member Requirements show and maintain a 90% customer satisfaction rating provide current license for your areas of business must be FHA and VA approved and agree to provide corresponding approval letters with lender IDs provide proof of brick and mortar for your areas of business agree not to share customers information to 3rd parties without their consent provide 3 current lender references or industry references provide 1 title company references with whom you have done business with have an online application system in place with SSL technology or similar in order to protect the data of potential clients agree to nonvoluntary termination of membership if you do not meet or maintain these requirements

11 Advertising and Marketing The members of Should I are responsible for marketing and advertising the website in their approved areas of business. Members will have access to marketing tools and resources to help assist in their campaigns. Advertising and marketing is done by our members because our members know their area of business better than we do and should be able to run more effective campaigns. Should I will help members coordinate large scale marketing and advertising campaigns that individual companies could not afford if our members choose to do so (large markets with multiple members, multiple members of a particular state, or national advertising that involves each member of Should I

12 Organic Ranking/SEO The members of Should I will effectively be responsible for increasing the organic ranking of on the major search engines. In order to achieve this goal we will require our members to have a link on their company website to or a banner add on their website with an embedded link to In turn will contain a link to our members websites as well. Search engine optimization or SEO is extremely difficult to achieve. With the help of members working together with the company in combination with the traffic that each member will drive to the website, will we achieve what normally might cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions to get the same results.

13 Membership Dues Population and average home value are the two main demographic components that membership dues are derived from. Standard membership dues will be based off of an areas population and additional dues will be based off of the average home value in that area Standard membership dues by population range from $95 per month (population of 50,000 and below) to $2,745 per month (population of 3,000,000+). Additional membership dues based off of average home value range from $295 per month (average home value of $300,001 to $400,000) to $795 per month (average home value of $2,000,000+). There are no additional monthly dues for areas where the average home value ranges from $0 to $300,000

14 Summary We hope that you are equally excited to share in this opportunity as we are to have you as a member. We truly believe that becoming a member of Should I will be a career changing decision for our members and will allow them to be a part of not only an exclusive group of mortgage professionals throughout the country, but will also allow our members to generate the most sought after product in any market…new business. If youre ready to start generating your own exclusive local leads, please sign up today at! Please remember that approved areas of business are on a first come-first serve basis and will not be able to be reserved until a one-time nonrefundable application/set-up fee of $375 has been processed.

15 Thank you for your time! Should I 10 River Park Plaza Ste 802 St. Paul, MN 55107 - consumer home page - member home page 1-888-788-REFI (7334)

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