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Roman Empire.

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1 Roman Empire

2 Decline of the Roman Republic
Main causes for the decline of the republic Spread of slavery in ___________________ Migration and unemployment _________________________ Inflation Civil war over power of __________________________

3 Civil war First triumvirate takes power (60 BCE) Fall of triumvirate
Julius Caesar _____________ Crassus dies Pompey becomes _____________

4 Civil war Caesar marches on Rome, starting _____________________
Pompey is killed in _____________ ______________ gains complete control of Rome Julius Caesar passes popular reforms Senators later assassinate __________________

5 Second triumvirate Officially in power (43-33 BCE)
War between Octavian and Antony Octavian (Augustus Caesar) _________________ Octavian wins Becomes first emperor of Rome – ______________________

6 Roman Empire Augustus unifies and enlarges empire Issues of emperor
Using imperial authority ______________ No peaceful transition process

7 Expansion of Roman Empire
Rome expands to: Secures expansion of Republic ______________

8 Expansion of Roman Empire

9 Pax Romana Begins under Augustus Caesar
What was the Pax Romana? Begins under Augustus Caesar Two centuries of _________________________ Expansion and solidification of __________________

10 Pax Romana Uniform money system Expanded trade Very good road
Economic impact of Pax Romana Uniform money system Expanded trade Very good road ______________________

11 Pax Romana Returned stability to social classes
Social impact of Pax Romana Political impact of Pax Romana Returned stability to social classes Increased emphasis on ________________ Created civil service __________________

12 Cultural Contributions - Pantheon
Temple in Rome honoring all the Roman gods and goddesses. Today it is a church

13 Cultural Contributions – Colosseum
Home of popular spectacle, such as gladiator battles and chariot races.

14 Cultural Contributions - Forum
Center of commerce and government in Rome.

15 Cultural contributions – Aqueducts
Aqueducts were bridges used to transport water. They supplied water for drinking and baths.

16 Cultural Contributions - Roads

17 Cultural Contributions - Arches

18 Cultural Contributions
Science Public Health Ptolemy Public health Public water systems _________________

19 Cultural Contributions
Language Literature Latin Romance languages Virgil’s _____________

20 Cultural Contributions
Law _________________________________– Innocent until proven guilty

21 Christianity Founder Roots in Judaism Holy Book
Jesus of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) Monotheistic religion First followers were ______________ __________________ New Testament – accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings of early Christians

22 Christianity Jesus was son and incarnation of __________
Foundational Beliefs Jesus was son and incarnation of __________ Life after death exists Peace, love, and justice God loves the ________________________

23 Christianity Message very popular with the ______________
Spread of Christianity Message very popular with the ______________ Apostles spread word though _____________________ Paul of Tarsus main preacher

24 Christianity Persecution of Christians
Conflicted with polytheism of Roman Empire _______________ inspired others

25 Christianity Emperor Constantine converts
Christianity becomes legal in 313 Emperor Constantine converts Later becomes official _______________________

26 Christianity Church councils establish ______________________
Christianity as an important moral force Church councils establish ______________________ Church (Pope) becomes more important than Emperor Unifying force in _________________________

27 Fall of Rome Large size Economy Military
Hard to defend and ___________________________ Falling value of Roman money _________________________ Non-Romans in Army were not loyal to Rome

28 Fall of Rome Moral decay Political issues Invasion
Loss of faith in Rome by people Conflicts in government ____________________ ______________________ Eventual attack on Rome itself

29 Fall of Rome Rome is divided in two Fall of Western Roman Empire
Emperor Constantine moves capital to Byzantium, renames it _______________________ Eastern Roman Empire ____________________________ Last Roman Emperor in Rome in 476 CE

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