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Rebuilding Americas Middle Class Employee Free Choice Act Good Trade/Offshoring Policy Fair Taxes Infrastructure, Green Jobs Investment Health Care Reform.

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2 Rebuilding Americas Middle Class Employee Free Choice Act Good Trade/Offshoring Policy Fair Taxes Infrastructure, Green Jobs Investment Health Care Reform New Main Street Economic Recovery Package Jobs Re-regulate Financial Sector

3 EMPLOYEES FREEDOM TO BARGAIN The Key to Rebuilding Our Middle Class

4 What If Presidential Elections Were Conducted Like Union Recognition Elections? 2008 John McCainBarack Obama VS.

5 McCain would have unlimited TV time, including several hours a day of compulsory viewing time.

6 Obama, would be restricted to door-to-door canvassing

7 Obama would have to campaign from Canada or Mexico; neither he nor his aides would be allowed in the country.

8 Obama voters risk losing their jobs. The Whitehouse could fire one voter in every precinct, to send voters a message, and chill the campaign.

9 McCain can delay the election if he thinks hell do better later. Lets suspend the election, Sarah, for these good people can get their heads screwed on straight!

10 The election is held in hostile headquarters and voters file by hostile officials as they vote.

11 What does a flawed process mean for APWU Members? A large pool of non-union workers allows corporations to put downward pressure on all workers attempts to negotiate for better pay and benefits. Plans to privatize the postal service begin with contracting out work to companies with unorganized, lower paid workers Real family values are parents home at night with their children; NOT working 3 jobs to make ends meet!

12 Employee Free Choice Act Allow workers to choose how they form their union – whether by majority sign up or election Strengthen penalties for companies that break the law when workers are trying to form unions Establish mediation and binding arbitration when the employer and workers cannot agree on a first contract

13 Knowledge of the Process Remains Limited -Only 47% of the public knows that employers oppose unions -60% of union members know that employers oppose (up 6 points since 2006).

14 Strong Support For Employee Free Choice Act 73% Support for Employee Free Choice after hearing provisions Allows employees to have a union once a majority of employees in a workplace sign authorization cards indicating they want to form a union Strengthens penalties for companies that illegally intimidate or fire employees who try to form a union 75% Establishes binding arbitration in cases where a company and a newly certified union cannot agree on a contract after three months of negotiating 64% 61% Strongly favor Somewhat favor Oppose

15 Attacks Against Employee Free Choice Act Coalition for a Democratic Workplace U.S. Chamber of Commerce Retail Industry Leaders Association Associated Buildings and Contractors National Right to Work Rick Berman front groups Were up against a $200 million organized opposition:

16 Eliminates the Secret Ballot Not Needed Because the Current Process Resembles Political Elections Bad for Jobs – Bad for Economy Will Increase Union Coercion Attacks Against Employee Free Choice Act

17 Eliminates Secret Ballot -FALSE- NLRA currently sets 30% as threshold to get an election Majority sign-up has been legal since 1935 NLRA remains intact after the Employee Free Choice Act

18 Union Coercion -FALSE- 42 Cases of union misconduct (cards) since 1935

19 Employer Coercion - TRUE- Illegal Retaliation by Employers Against Workers for Forming Unions 6,000 cases in 1969 20,000 cases in 1990 30,000 cases in 2007

20 THE MIDDLE CLASS IS IN TROUBLE. CEOs make record high salaries while corporations like Wal-Mart drive down wages Wages are stagnating as prices are rising Taxpayers are bailing out Wall Street UNIONS STRENGTHEN THE MIDDLE CLASS. They earn 30% more than non union workers and are 50% more likely to have health care benefits and pensions They provide economic stability at a time of severe economic unrest As the country works at rebuilding our economy under Obama, unions help ensure the benefits go to all workers, not just those at the top Currently, companies, not employees, get to decide how workers can try and form unions One in five union activists are fired when trying to form a union The current company-controlled process eliminates workers ability to exercise their true choice through the one-sided campaign THE CURRENT SYSTEM ROBS EMPLOYEES OF A FREE CHOICE.

21 Union Movement-Wide Effort Affiliate Leadership and Membership Involvement in all efforts State Federations and Central Labor Council Leadership CTW and NEA Engagement

22 Legislative Targeting and Lobbying Re-sign co-sponsors Newly elected who had our support Soft-support Democrats Republicans we can move Focus is the Senate with some targeted House work:

23 Message and spokesperson training for union leaders at all levels High-visibility events Rapid response Full-scale paid and earned media Aggressive Public and Member Communication

24 Membership Mobilization Union Meetings / Discussions Local Union Mail/ Worksite Leafleting Letters - 1 % Phone Calls - 1 % Delegation Visits to Members of Congress Worker Spokespersons

25 Recruiting and Coordinating Allies American Rights at Work Community-based organizations Faith-based organizations/Clergy Academics and student groups Elected leaders and Democratic Party influentials International support

26 Building on Strength and Success Labor 2008 Six years of Employee Free Choice Act campaign Majority support in Congress Ill make it the law of the land. Barack Obama


28 Questions? Terese Bouey, AFL-CIO 202-639-6293

29 866 # SENATORS AK(Murkowski) AR(Lincoln, Pryor) CA (Feinstein) CO (Udall, Bennet) DE (Carper) FL (Nelson) IN Bayh) LA(Landrieu) ME (Snowe) MT (Baucus) NC (Hagan) ND (Dorgan,Conrad) NE (Nelson) OH (Voinovich) PA (Specter) VA(Warner, Webb) WI (Kohl)

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