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The United Nations (UN)

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1 The United Nations (UN)
By Dora Bralo

2 What does the UN do? Deals with human rights, international law and security, economical development and social progress and aims for international peace The UN is divided by groups which include The General Assembly, The Security Council, The Economic and Social Council, The Secretariat and the International Court of Justice

3 Where is the UN headquarters located?
The United Nations is located in New York City, in Midtown Manhattan and it overlooks the East River. It borders First Avenue (west) East 42nd street (south) East 48th street (north) and East River (east)

4 What is the General Assembly and what does it do?
The General Assembly discusses international issues, how to solve them and what can be done to solve the issue though most of the time they discuss peace and security. The General Assembly chooses 10 temporary seats for the Security Council

5 What does the Security Council do?
The Security Council is mainly in charge of keeping peace and security. There are 15 member states, consisting of five permanent seats which gives them the right to veto an resolution. The five countries in the permanent seats are China, France, Russia, USA and UK. The ten temporary seats countries are nominated by the General Assembly.

6 What does Economic and Social Council do?
The Economic and Social Council promotes worldwide economic and social collaboration and growth. The Economic and Social Council has 54 members who are elected by the General Assembly. Functions include gathering information, helping out member nations and making recommendations.

7 What does the Secretariat do?
The Secretariat provides facilities for the UN as well as information. It’s headed by the Secretary-General which is elected by the General Assembly.

8 What does the International Court of Justice do?
The International Court of Justice deals with rulings on arguments/problems of member countries Its made up of 15 judges elected by the General Assembly and Security Council

9 Bibliography for information and pictures

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