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CXtec Migration from Large SMP to Oracle RAC Cluster on Linux.

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1 CXtec Migration from Large SMP to Oracle RAC Cluster on Linux

2 Dean Bettinger Storage Technology Business Development Manager CXtec Migration from Large SMP to Oracle RAC Cluster on Linux

3 oWorld-wide VAR for Network, Voice, and Data Center equipment – new and certified pre-owned. oequal2new®: 10-step certification process, 99.51% reliability rating and lifetime warranty oCABLExpress® cables, including fiber jumpers. Also new and equal2new® Fibre Channel switches & HBAs. o$135M annual sales, 6 consecutive years on VAR 500 (#231), ISO 9001:2000 certified. o300+ employees. oGreat Place To Work – last 4 years in top 25. CXtec Company Overview

4 oERP oOracle Applications eBusiness Suite 11.5.9 oSun E4500, 12 x 400MHz CPU, 12G RAM oOracle Database 9i, named user license oRunning out of CPU cycles and RAM oWeb Site oSun 450, 400MHz CPU, 4G RAM for our web site oOracle Database 9i, per CPU license, unlimited users oDay old copy of production data replicated from ERP Where We Were - 2004

5 oBusiness desire to bring live transaction data to our web site, especially to our Extranet for customers oBusiness / IT desire to leverage Oracle for everything oIT developer desire to simplify our development environment oAvoid complexity of live synchronization between inside & outside databases oCease daily replication of day-old data to Extranet oUtilize web services from Extranet to access up to the moment live data Challenges

6 oMigrate internal Oracle database licensing from named user to per CPU, unlimited users oCan now serve 5,000+ Extranet users directly. Avoided $800 per user -- $4M oCan now leverage Oracle database for all application development: ERP, Extranet, Intranet for all employees, not just ERP users oEliminate Oracle database from our DMZ oCorporate web site and Extranet will now use web services to get data from the one true source Database Licensing Migration

7 oOracle charges $40K per CPU license oSun CPUs were 900MHz max and we figured we needed 12 CPUs -- $480K oNew Sun enterprise-class server -- $350K oSun SPARC and Sun Solaris – out the window! oCXtec had been a long-time committed customer of Sun, and we loved its reliability oSolaris was favored operating system due to features and stability, but Sun had abandoned Solaris x86. Ouch!

8 oIn Intel we trust! oScale CPU speeds faster than CXtec grows o3GHz Xeon much faster than 900MHz SPARC oDesire to move to commodity 2 socket servers oGoodbye Sun, Dell here we come! oDecision point – How do we get to 12GHz? oSingle Quad socket server? oSimple, but hardware more expensive oTwo Dual socket servers in a RAC cluster? oComplex, but commodity servers, resiliency The Way Forward

9 oRaw device mapping? oNot visible to SysAdmins, complexity borne by DBA oOracle ASM not yet available oCluster file system? oOracle Cluster File System – OCFS1 oNot ready for prime time oSistina GFS (now a Red Hat product) oSingle node lock manager oPolyServe Matrix Server (now an HP product) oDistributed lock manager, BCF reference Mitigating RAC Complexity

10 oWe settled on PolyServes Database Utility for RAC oCommon mount points on all servers oSysAdmin friendly oSimple for DBA oShared Oracle HOME oDistributed Lock Manager oNo single point of failure oContext Sensitive Symbolic Links oOracle Disk Manager (ODM) integration PolyServe Matrix Server

11 1 st Generation RAC Cluster

12 2 nd Generation RAC Cluster

13 oImproved Performance oBatch job take minutes instead of hours oDmart loading window dramatically reduced oImproved End-User Productivity oMost application response now sub-second oImproved IT Productivity oSingle database for all applications. Simple! oLive Extranet information for Customers oEnhanced Reliability oRun on 2 nodes, 3 rd standby node Results

14 oStartup Costs - $137K o$20K for 3 Dell 2 socket 3GHz Xeon servers, 8GB o$24K for PolyServe Matrix Filesystem, DBU o$93K Oracle License Migration to RAC oAnnual Maintenance Commitment o+$16K / year Economic Analysis

15 oCost Avoidance - $670K o$350K for a new Sun Enterprise-Class SMP server o$320K in Oracle CPU licensing for slow Sun CPUs oAnnual Maintenance Cost Avoidance o$112K on Sun Server and Oracle Licenses oBottom Line o$1,017,075 Cumulative 5 Year Net Benefit oROI 473%, Payback Period – 2 Months Economic Analysis

16 oCisco / TopSpin SFS 3001 InfiniBand switches o12 ports of 10G Full-Duplex InfiniBand o2 port of 2G Fibre Channel oFor dual pathing to two Fibre Channel switches oCisco HCA (Host Channel Adapter) cards for servers o2 ports of 10G Full-Duplex InfiniBand oFor dual pathing to two InfiniBand switches o10x bit rate of Gigabit Ethernet o1/10 th latency of Gigabit Ethernet o1/10 th CPU utilization compared to Gigabit Ethernet InfiniBand Cluster Interconnect

17 oStorage Virtualization on steroids oBoot from SAN oSnapshots and Views oEnterprise Manager oThin Provisioning oAutomated Tiered Storage oFast Track oThin Import oWindows File Space Recovery Compellent Storage Center

18 o??? Questions & Answers

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