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Surface Water & Ground Water

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1 Surface Water & Ground Water
Karen Lopez & Jennifer Lopez(:

2 Meandering When a river flowing through a floodplain typically winds back and forth in curves.

3 Natural Levees During a flood a river carries sediment and it is deposited and it builds up along the stream and forms elevated ridges.

4 Water Table The surface below which the ground is saturated with water.

5 Wells Artesian Formation- an arrangement of permeable layer of rock sandwiched between two layers of impermeable rock.

6 Transport material Load- Eroded rock and soil materials that are transported downstream by a river.

7 Transport material Suspension- Rock materials carried by a river are stirred up and kept from sinking by the turbulence of stream flow.

8 Transport material Bed load- Sand pebbles and boulders that are moved along the bed of a stream and that are too heavy to be carried in suspension.

9 Deposition Delta- fan- shaped deposit that form when a river flows into a quiet or large body of water.

10 Deposition Alluvial Fan- forms when a steep mountain stream meets dry, level land at the base of the mountain.

11 Question 1 What kind of materials are transported in a river’s bed load? Boulders Sand Clay

12 The correct answer was:
a. Boulders

13 Question 2 How do natural levees form? Earthquakes Tsunamis Floods

14 The correct answer was:
c. Floods

15 Review Questions 1. What is meandering and what landforms does it make? - Rivers that curve. 2. What are natural levees and how do they form? Elevated ridges along rivers that form by floods. 3. What 3 ways can rivers move the earth? Sediment load, Bed load, & Dissolve load

16 Review Questions 4. What is the water table?
- The upper surface of the zone of saturation affected by water going in and out. 5. How does a well change the water table? - The water table gets sucked in. 6. What is an artesian well? - An arrangement of permeable layer of rock sandwiched between two layers of impermeable rock.

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