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We are excited to have your child in our 2012-2013 program! Welcome to Boulder Creek's Amanacer Preschool Classrooms!

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1 We are excited to have your child in our 2012-2013 program! Welcome to Boulder Creek's Amanacer Preschool Classrooms!

2 Did you Know? 90% of a child’s critical brain development happens before Kindergarten. Vocabulary levels at ages 3 and 4 correspond with reading comprehension levels at 9 and 10.

3 Did You Know... Every $1 invested in Early Childhood returns $16 in decreased government spending, reduced crime-related costs and increased individual earnings! That rate of return is higher than the return investments in the stock market even in normal times! We have tuition spots available for students in the AM and PM programs! Ask Mrs. Stockton or Mrs. Rogers about starting your child or a refer a friend to our program! You can also call the preschool office at 480-497-3461.

4 Starting and Ending times... AM Class starts at 8:45 and ends at 11:15. PM Class starts at 12:00 and ends at 2:30.

5 Things to bring the first day of school- * A LARGE, regular size backpack so we can fit large art projects inside * a change of clothes (extra underwear, shirt, pants and socks) * diapering supplies, ( diapers, wipes,etc.) * A large package of napkins, a package of 5 oz. cups for snack or paper towels. * Any information pages that you didn't get signed tonight!

6 First we enjoy our preschool playground where we socialize, practice our gross motor skills and just have fun! Our typical l day....

7 Please "ooh and ahhh" over your child's art work! It's a great way to help him start up a conversation about his school day. Once in the classroom, we check backpacks everyday for communications from home! Please do the same for us--everyday!

8 Next, we trace/write our name developing.... *name recognition *hand dominance *letter recognition *learning of correct letter formation *hand strength and fine motor control *counting skills as we count our stickers on the back *learning to do "seat work" for a very short time

9 Freeplay is a very important part of our day! We learn... *social communication *self direction and independence through exploration of various toys and manipulatives *to feel and show responsibility for our classroom *to each take a turn to use the restroom *social skills--sharing, learning to avoid and resolve conflict, playing cooperatively, maintaining friendships, learning to have empathy

10 Circle time teaches us... *to develop listening skills *to follow directions *to focus our attention *to share the limelight *to speak in front of a group *to recognize rhymes *to recognize letters and sounds *to understand the calendar and numbers *to enjoy and participate in music and movement *to raise our hand when we want a turn

11 Snack time gives us time to practice,,, * socializing with our friends * waiting patiently for our turn * raising our hand to ask for snack * using our "magic" words like "please" and "thank you." * using "all" of our words to request snack--"I want _____, please Mrs. Rogers." * Learning to ask questions--"May I have ____, please?" * counting our gummies or crackers

12 During storytime we develop.... *book awareness *focusing attention *listening skills *phonological awareness *vocabulary *love of reading

13 "It's time to change centers, it's time to change centers Birdies, birdies fly away, it's time to change centers!" During centers, the children work in small groups and practice... *math and logical thinking skills *phonological awareness skills *pre-reading skills *listening and speaking *dramatic play *turn taking *social skills *fine motor skills *color and form w/art *following directions *working cooperatively

14 Show and Tell Day is the same day as Snack Day * Please have your child bring only one item to share. *You can practice with your child to help him answer questions like "How big, what color, soft or hard animal or vehicle, etc? * Help your child understand that show and tell is a secret! Don't tell his friends! *This is a great time to practice communication skills! We're asking and answer questions, using complete sentences!

15 We will pick up and drop off the children on the west side of the school where our preschool buses park. Please stay behind the bus parking and watch for children! We ask that the children stay with the class as we walk out and not run to you after school. We need to be sure that every child gets picked up by the appropriate adult safely. If you arrive late to school, you can bring your child to the playground on the west corner under the shade screen if we're still outside, or sign in and walk them to our room.

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