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Prime AGE Defense™ Formula

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1 Prime AGE Defense™ Formula
Market America Convention 2009 Presented by: Jan DeBenedetto

2 Disclaimer This presentation has not been evaluated by the
Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

3 What are AGEs? Overview Advanced Glycation Endproducts
Chronic high levels of AGEs are proven to accelerate the aging process They are a diverse group of highly reactive substances In excess can wreak havoc in the body Many AGEs are sugar derived aldehydes (glyoxals) They can cause generalized cellular dysfunction i.e. they can affect the entire body! Also known as Glycotoxins

4 AGEs - Naturally AGEs are produced naturally in normal metabolism and the body can handle low levels of AGEs AGEs are consumed at a moderate level as part of a reasonably good diet The problems occur due to the chronic overproduction and over consumption of AGEs as well as cigarette smoking

Theodosius Dobzhansky -- Russian evolutionary biologist

6 Historical Perspective of AGEs
Our current genome evolved on A low sugar diet A low saturated fat diet A high fiber diet An alkaline diet A nutrient dense diet A chemical / drug free diet Our current genome evolved in a physically active human But what do we do? Eat a high sugar diet Eat a high sat fat diet Eat a low fiber diet Eat a chronic low acid diet Eat lots of empty calories Eat processed and fake foods, lots of Rx & OTCs We are much less active than our ancestors

7 Historical Perspective - 2
Only within the last 200 years (a blip on the genetic radar screen) did we have simple sugars so readily available Mostly during the last 50 years We are dissonant with our genome and that ain’t a good thing. Don’t mess with Mother Nature…

8 AGEs Can Affect the Following:
Oxidative Stress Collagen cross-linking Wrinkles and stiffness Mitochondrial function Cellular powerhouses Kidney function Genetic transcription proteins

9 AGEs and arteries Normal diet artery Low AGE diet artery

10 AGEs and Vertebrae

11 Glycated bone collagen

12 Excess AGEs Inside and Out
The body can make AGEs Excess carbs Excess sugar Chronic stress Food AGEs Foods cooked at high temperatures and for a long time Frying, grilling, roasting and broiling Especially in presence of sugars Foods that are cooked until brown Browning reaction or Maillard reaction generates AGEs Carbonated non-diet beverages Processed foods Cigarette smoking Add AGEs to the long list of cigarette toxins

13 Why haven’t we hearing more about AGEs?
The research is relatively new dating back to the late ’80’s. Most scientific publications are from this millennia Out of 2373 Medline scientific literature citations, 85% are from after the year 2000! Rationale Industry lobby efforts that negatively influenced research funding No major Pharma companies with Rx to address issue.

14 AGEs and Aging The degree of Glycation of a cell is used as recognition signal of senescent (old/aged) targets for excretion or catabolism. In other words in many cases otherwise healthy cells are tagged and removed due to their being glycated and therefore will not divide into new cells.

15 Smoking and AGEs AGE accumulation in the cornea of NonSmokers (NS) and Smokers (S)

16 AGEs in the body Glycation leads to a large and diverse range of chemical species This makes them deleterious to a variety of tissues This also makes it difficult to commercially measure AGEs at this point in time Measuring HbA1c is a good indicator Glycated Hemoglobin

17 Glucose, AGEs & Time

18 Dietary AGEs Study on 4 week “Low AGE” diet => decreased LDL by 28%! on “High AGE” diet LDL increased by 50%! 6 week High AGE diet Increased LDL 33% CRP increased 35% 6 week Low AGE diet Decreased LDL 32% CRP decreased 20%

19 Dietary AGEs - 2 Rat study with two groups,
The “High AGE” diet rats had higher insulin resistance, oxidative stress, inflammation renal and CV damage and lower glutathione. The group with 50% reduced AGE diet lived significantly longer than the other group (~21%) and with lower inflammatory markers.

20 Prime™ AGE Defense To the Rescue!
Supplement Facts Serving Size: 3 tablets Servings Per Container: 30 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Thiamine (as Benfotiamine) 55 mg 4583% Taurine 1,000 mg * N-acetylcysteine 200 mg American ginseng root  extract (5% ginsenosides) 500 mg Cinnamon bark extract 250 mg * Daily value not established.

21 Benfotiamine A lipid soluble form of Thiamine
This allows for greater absorption than commercial thiamine and thus higher blood level Supports the body’s normal ability to remove AGEs Protects endothelium (an active, vital thin layer of cells that line blood vessels) against AGEs

22 American Ginseng Panax quinquefolius
Promotes normal serum levels of glucose Powerful Adaptogen Active components are ginsenosides Rb1, Rd and Re Promotes normal levels of carboxymethyl-lysine (CML) and its receptors for (AGE) in kidney

23 Cinnamon Bark Extract Promotes healthy metabolism of glucose
Helps maintain normal insulin sensitivity Strong antioxidant

24 N-Acetylcysteine Sulfur rich antioxidant that is a powerful antioxidant Promotes healthy glutathione levels Glutathione is one of the body’s natural AGE scavengers Helps maintain normal levels of CML (an AGE) Supports a healthy liver and kidneys

25 Taurine A sulfhydryl derivative of an amino acid
Found in abundance in slow twitch (endurance) muscle fibers Taurine levels are typically lower with aging and vegan diets Has numerous other healthful functions

26 Who can benefit most from Prime™ AGE Defense?
Smokers Individuals who want to age well If you indulge your sweet tooth Eating and drinking Eat lots of Grilled, Broiled, Fried foods Eat a lot of processed foods If you have Metabolic Syndrome to any degree

27 Complimentary Market America AGE Support Products
Arginine (Ultra Prime™) Isotonix OPC-3® NutriClean® Aloe/Ultimate Aloe™ Curcumin Extreme Heart Health™ Essential Omega III Isotonix® Vitamin D with K2

28 AGE control Summary Consume a Low AGE diet
Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels Control Stress Exercise regularly NO SMOKING Take Prime™ AGE Defense Formula regularly!

29 Ultra Prime™ Secretagogue & Beyond!

30 Ultra Prime™ Supports healthy levels of human growth hormone (HGH)
Functions as a secretagogue to naturally increase the production and secretion of HGH by the pituitary gland Recreates a youthful, natural pattern of HGH production and release into the body. It is not HGH Safe and natural

31 Ultra Prime™ Powerful combination of amino acids (the natural building blocks of proteins) that have been scientifically shown to effectively raise HGH levels. Taken with proper timing, exercise and a healthy diet you can turn back the clock and increase your HealthSpan!

32 Common Growth Hormone Inhibitors
Stress hormones (Cortisol & Epinephrine) Relax Insulin Don’t eat for 2 or more hours prior to bedtime Time of day Sleep well (hGH levels rise during sleep)

33 Ultra Prime™ -- Key Ingredients
All of the major ingredients in the Prime secretagogues have published literature supporting their potential as nuitritional HGH secretagogues. BONUS!!! In addition, all of the major ingredients in these formulations have numerous other anti-aging related health benefits.

34 L-Arginine Shown to be the amino acid that enhances Nitric Oxide (NO) production (Nobel Prize work in 1998) (not Nitrous oxide – laughing gas) Helps maintain healthy blood pressure Help maintain erectile function Help maintain healthy blood flow Enhance Mood

35 Ultra Prime™ – Usage Use for hGH potentiation requires taking prior to bedtime on an empty stomach Post of a strenuous workout to enhance recovery Other benefits can be realized taking it between meals

36 Ultra Prime™ Top of the line hGH secretagogues
Extraordinary adjunct to support exercise Excellent for nutritional support for CV health Great for nutritional support of basic immune function

37 Ultra Prime™ -- Summary
Ultra Prime has so many more health benefits to offer you above and beyond hGH due to the unique, powerful and effective formulation Try it for yourself and see

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