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If you give Hitler a cookie

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1 If you give Hitler a cookie
Based on the children’s story: If you give a mouse a cookie

2 Big 4, responsible for the Peace negotiations
If Germany loses WWI, then the allied troops of Britain, France, Italy, and the United States will blame Germany for causing the war and force the Germans to sign the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

3 If the Germans sign the Treaty of Versailles, then Germany will be weak militarily because of the arms reduction, weak economically due to the high inflation and reparations, and weak socially because of the loss of territory.

4 If the Germans are weak economically and politically unstable then the conditions are ripe for Hitler to come to power as Chancellor in 1933.

5 If Hitler is in power then he is going to want to make Germany strong again (3rd Reich) by building up their army in 1934, violating the Treaty of Versailles.

6 If Hitler is building up his army, then Britain and France will let him violate the Treaty of Versailles because they want a strong German state that could potentially defend against the spread of communism in the West.

7 If Germany has a strong army, then they are going to want to reoccupy the demilitarized Rhineland to achieve Lebensraum in 1936; again violating the Treaty of Versailles.

8 If Hitler wants to secure Eastern Europe, then he will sign the Rome-Berlin Axis Pact in 1936 to make German allies with Mussolini and Italy and the Anti-Comitern Pact in 1936 with Japan.

9 If Hitler has these alliances, then he is going to want to re-conquer previous German land by invading Austria in 1938 to create the Anschluss (uniting Austria and Germany).

10 If Hitler annexes (seizes) Austria and no one stops him, then he is going to want more and take over the Sudetenland (a small region in Western in Czechoslovakia) where Hitler insisted 3 million Germans lived.

11 If Neville Chamberlain (the Prime Minister) of Britain doesn’t want Hitler to invade any more countries, then he will sign the Munich Pact in The Munich Pact was a form of appeasement as it let Hitler take the Sudetenland with his promise not to take over the rest of Czechoslovakia.

12 If Hitler gets a piece of the Czechoslovakia (the Sudetenland) then he’s going to want the whole thing and break the Munich Pact by gobbling up the rest of Czechoslovakia in March 1939.

13 If Neville Chamberlain and France see Hitler take the rest of Czechoslovakia, then they will be upset and promise that they will declare war on Germany if he invades Poland.

14 If Hitler is afraid to fight the Western democracies and the Soviet Union at the same time, then he going to sign the Nazi-Soviet Pact in 1939 promising peaceful relations between the Soviet Union and Germany. Secretly Stalin and Hitler agree to divide up Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe between them.

15 If Hitler signs the Nazi-Soviet Pact, then Hitler is going to invade Poland on September 1st 1939.

16 If Hitler invades Poland on September 1st 1939, then 2 days later France and Britain will declare war on Germany officially beginning WWII.


18 Appeasement Appeasement: is a diplomatic policy aimed at avoiding war by making concessions (compromises) to an aggressor. Neville Chamberlain Hitler

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