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Managing Knowledge in the Digital Firm (II) Soetam Rizky.

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1 Managing Knowledge in the Digital Firm (II) Soetam Rizky

2 Before we start….. Knowledge forms ? Knowledge location ? Knowledge for organization ? Learning Management System ?

3 Knowledge Workers Knowledge workers: Create knowledge and information for organization Key roles: Keeping the organization current in knowledge as it develops in the external world—in technology, science, social thought, and the arts

4 Knowledge Workers Serving as internal consultants regarding the areas of their knowledge Acting as change agents, evaluating, initiating, and promoting change projects

5 Before we continue…. Are you knowledge college students ?


7 Quick summary Knowledge Worker Agent of change Valuable

8 Intelligent Technique Knowledge Discovery: Identification of underlying patterns, categories, and behaviors in large data sets, using techniques such as neural networks and data mining Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology: Computer-based systems based on human behavior, with the ability to learn languages, accomplish physical tasks, use a perceptual apparatus, and emulate human expertise and decision making

9 Intelligent Technique Case- Based Reasoning (CBR): Knowledge system that represents knowledge as a database of cases and solutions Searches for stored cases with problem characteristics similar to the new case and applies solutions of the old case to the new case

10 Intelligent Technique Fuzzy Logic Systems Rule-based technology that can represent imprecise values or ranges of values by creating rules that use approximate or subjective values Used for problems that are difficult to represent by IF-THEN rules

11 Intelligent Technique Genetic Algorithms Adaptive computation that examines very large number of solutions for a problem to find optimal solution Programmed by changing and reorganizing component parts using processes such as reproduction, mutation, and natural selection

12 Quick summary Intelligent Technique Knowledge Discovery Artificial Intelligence Expert System Genetic Algorithm Fuzzy system

13 Before we continue….. Just understand it, don’t memorize it…… You must know to know the opportunities…

14 Opportunities & Challenge Proprietary knowledge can create an “invisible competitive advantage” Insufficient resources are available to structure and update the content in repositories. Poor quality and high variability of content quality results from insufficient validating mechanisms. Content in repositories lacks context, making documents difficult to understand.

15 Opportunities & Challenge Organizational culture change: how can we change organizational culture so that people are willing both to contribute knowledge to and use knowledge from a KMS? How to store tacit knowledge ? How to measure the tangible and intangible benefits of knowledge ? Determining the roles of the various personnel in a knowledge effort

16 Opportunities & Challenge Extraordinary leverage and increasing returns. Uncertain value. It is difficult to estimate the impact of an investment in knowledge. Uncertain value of sharing

17 Quick summary Opportunit ies and challenge Invisible, intangible Sharing risk Corporate asses Knowledge Management Priceless

18 Before we finish…. Do you have knowledge that make you as valuable asset ? Do you really think your knowledge is priceless ?

19 Questions / Comments ?

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