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That Strange Teaching Acts 17:16-34 (pew Bible p853) Resisted Received Ridiculed.

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2 That Strange Teaching Acts 17:16-34 (pew Bible p853) Resisted Received Ridiculed

3 That Strange Teaching Athens Known for its culture and education Very religious/spiritual Looking for the latest religious idea The Greek religion…was a religion which ministered to art and amusement, and was entirely destitute of moral power…One wit jested that in Athens it was easier to find a god than a manWarren Wiersbe

4 That Strange Teaching Athens Devoted to idolatry Devoted to philosophySocrates, Aristotle Epicureansmarked by indulgence Pleasure was the highest and most sought Stoicsmarked by self-discipline To understand liferemove your desires Paul is in front of the council Getting his license to preach publicly

5 That Strange Teaching What was this Strange Teaching? Acts 17:16-34 Introductionv22-23 He put them at ease Complimented themI notice that you are very religious in every way Spoke to their particular circumstances Their religious practices The unknown god

6 That Strange Teaching We need to be people who put people at ease around us!be positive We need to speak to people where they are at! Epicureans todaytrapped in self-indulgence It leads to obesity, binge drinking, abuse, addictions Are we able to filter through the signs and reach the problem?give hope?

7 That Strange Teaching Stoics todaytrapped in discipline Over-exercised, over-worked, need a soldiers mentality just to make it through the day Bodies that look like the sculptures of the Greek Gods Keeping up appearances The health, fitness and image industries that lead us in a spiral down into behavioural and eating disorders Can you love them for who they are without heaping more expectations on them?

8 That Strange Teaching Introduction Bodyv24-31 God made everything and orders everything Cant be confined to man-made things God made you for a Relationship He wants a relationship with YOU Everything around us points to Him In Him we move, live, existHe is not distant Dont worship idols Dont focus your attention on thingsman-made But on HimWho made it all

9 That Strange Teaching Conclusionv29-31 There is a day of Judgement Coming You will be judged by your relationship in Him The Person who will judge us is Jesus The Response Some ridiculedcalled him a babbler Some believed and became disciples

10 That Strange Teaching Application for Today Introduction Use movies, music, anything that will get them relaxed Keep your ears, eyes open for what people are saying Study and learn our culture so that we know enough to be dangerous on most subjects

11 That Strange Teaching Message Relationshipruined by an enemy Weve been manipulated, exploited, out- manoeuvred into lives that are enslaved to our indulgences and excesses Excess hides our pain and numbs the levels of anxiety The answer? We dont have the answer BUT we know someone who gives PEACE and POWER to overcome them We have peace with God which gives us peace in adversity

12 That Strange Teaching Message RevelationGod loves you! He wants to heal, transform, meet with you People flocked to see Jesus because of His miracles, but They were convinced about God because of His love

13 That Strange Teaching Response

14 ResponseRespond to the love of God and embrace the solution Jesus is calling revolutionaries who will stand in His Peace and Power If you embrace the solutionJesus death and resurrectionHe will never leave or forsake you

15 That Strange Teaching Conclusion The world is out of control BUT you can change the world How? One life at a time. Starting with yours! Transformation starts with your life being transformed Others are changed because we are changed The more you are changedthe more youll become an agent of change for God People will look at your life and see God

16 That Strange Teaching How will you respond? Are you here and considering exchanging your life for Jesus life in you? Are you saved but living in anxiety and defeat? Are you saved but needing a fresh anointing of the transforming power of Jesus Spirit in you? Are you Gods agent of change? Good News! Jesus is here and wants to have an intimate relationship with you!

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