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Four Bar Linkage in Exercise Equipment

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1 Four Bar Linkage in Exercise Equipment
Group C Robert “SolidEdge” Desjardins Stephanie Louttit Mark Szymanski Christopher “GUI” Wirz

2 Overview Four Bars in Exercise Equipment Elliptical Gait Grashof & DOF
SolidEdge Simulation Instant Centers MATLab Simulation Varying Parameters

3 Four Bars in exercise machines!

4 Four Bars in exercise machines!

5 Four Bars in exercise machines!

6 Elliptical Exerciser - Classification
r1 + r2 < r3 + r4 Grashof Class I Kinematic Chain Crank-Rocker r2

7 Elliptical Exerciser - DOF
J1 = 4 DOF = 3(L – 1) – 2(J1) –J2 DOF = 3(4 – 1) – 2(4) DOF = 1 d 4 1 a c 2 3 b

8 Elliptical Exercisers
A combination of a stair climber and a cross-country ski machine that you stand on and pedal No impact Less likely to injure joints than on a treadmill Lower perceived exertion for equivalent workout intensity

9 Walking/Running When walking, feet naturally follow path of ellipse
While foot 1 is flat on the ground, foot 2 is in the air moving parallel to the ground When running, feet pound (impulse) on the ground potentially causing joint injury

10 Elliptical Elliptical exercisers eliminate impact with the ground by following the natural motion of the feet

11 Elliptical Exerciser SolidEdge Simulation

12 Elliptical Exerciser SolidEdge Simulation

13 Elliptical Exerciser SolidEdge Simulation – Velocity Plots

14 Instant Centers

15 Elliptical Exerciser MATLab Simulation
Matlab GUI for

16 Normal “Standard” “Plebian”
This is the motion profile for the elliptical machine

17 Varying Parameters r1 r2 r3 r4 r5 t1 t5 Normal 50 8 33 34 12 40 167 Model 5 60 180 Vince 16 Arnold 220 Bush 47 145 Krovi 200 But then we got the celebrities to try out our new elliptical machines!

18 Model

19 Vince Vaughn

20 Arnold Schwarzenegger

21 President Bush

22 Dr. Venkat Krovi

23 Conclusions Most elliptical exercisers are not adjustable for different heights and stride lengths of people By varying r2, the stride length can be tuned to different criterion Further research could be performed in changing the shape of the foot path for example: from elliptical to figure eight

24 Questions

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