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FORESTUR: “Tailored training for professionals in the rural tourist sector” ES/06/B/F/PP-149544 QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLAN Valencia, November 2006.

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1 FORESTUR: “Tailored training for professionals in the rural tourist sector” ES/06/B/F/PP-149544 QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLAN Valencia, November 2006

2 1 What was required by LdV? The work programme must include a quality management plan: procedures, criteria and resources for monitoring and evaluation of the progress of the project, and for internal or external evaluation –including quality control and testing, if applicable- of the interim and final results in comparison with the needs of the target groups and sector and of the potential users.

3 2 What is a QM plan? A Quality Management Project Plan is a written document that describes the quality assurance procedures, quality control specifications, and other technical activities that must be implemented to ensure that the results of the project or task to be performed will meet project specifications.

4 3 How do we develop a QM Plan? Development of a QM Plan should be a multi-step process involving a number of people. The following is a brief summary of the process: 1. Assemble a project team and "systematically plan" what needs to be done. 2. Write a QM Project Plan using the results of that planning process. 3. Review and approval this Project Plan.

5 4 Quality management responsibles EUROPROF. HU PIXEL IT CIDAf RO FCVRE Brussels FLORIDA ES Coordinators

6 5 What was said at the proposal? Objective of the QM Plan: To design and implement the quality management strategy for the project whose main objectives are to provide a framework for the evaluation and monitoring work to be performed, the issues to be addressed, and the criteria and indicators to be taken into account in order to asses the project development and results. Outputs: 1)Detailed and consolidated Quality Management Plan including actions to be carried out in order to ensure the quality of the project outputs. 2)Quality management concept including descriptions of the evaluation approach, target groups, methods and tools applied as well as quality and achievement indicators.

7 6 What was said at the proposal? Methodology: The Quality Management activities will take place throughout the project lifecycle with special sessions at project meetings and will involve, on the one hand, evaluation of the project itself and evaluation of the project outputs. −Evaluation of the project itself will focus on whether it has been successful and effective, it has achieved its objectives, and the outcomes have had the desired impact. −Evaluation of the project outputs will focus on their quality with regards to the programme objectives, and also whether they are useful, meet user/target needs, and perform well.

8 7 What was said at the proposal? - Both formative and summative evaluation approaches are envisaged: Formative evaluation will be carried out during the life of the project to improve the work in progress, both the project outputs and the successfulness of the project; summative evaluation will be done near the end of the project to provide evidence of its achievements and results. - In order to ensure the quality management of the project, a Project Management Committee (PMC) will be established and it will be composed by the assigned experts from the following institutions: FLORIDA, FCVRE, EUROPROFESSIONAL, PIXEL & CIDAf. The PMC will meet 4 times during the project lifetime to co−ordinate and evaluate the overall progress, share results and experiences and explore how to maximise success of the project.

9 8 What was said at the proposal? - Suitable criteria and indicators will be identified in order to judge the level of achievement of the project objectives. - Evaluation instruments that will form the bases for collecting evidence (qualitative and quantitative) will also be designed, such as: progress reports to be handed out by the partners on a regular basis and quality/satisfaction questionnaires for the different target groups and final users involved.

10 9 Forestur QM plan - draft Objetives: to ensure the smooth running and accomplishment of the action plan to check that the objectives achieved during the project fit the established programme to monitor fundamental changes that take place and take decisions in this regard to improve the project as it progresses and predict its future development to quantify the different results gained to analyse the quality of the project in terms of its local / regional / national / transnational impact

11 10 Forestur QM plan - draft Two-fold evaluation perspective: the evaluation of the management, running and accomplishment of the project as part of a European framework programme itself, and the evaluation of the achievement of the objectives described in the proposal  evaluation strategy for the project.

12 11 Tools to evaluate The evaluation of the management could be done by means of: Interim and Final reports for the LdV NA Quality/satisfaction questionnaires after transnational meetings Quality/satisfaction questionnaires or evaluation reports at the end of each WP (to send with the justification) Cost report analysis Internal justification after each WP Project Management Committee (PMC) meetings (during all the transnational meetings) Use of communication tools (website and platform)

13 12 Florida proposal We suggest that FCVRE - Valencian Community Foundation, within its role of expert adviser’s prepare a detailed evaluation plan and present it to the Forestur Project Management Committee (PMC): FLORIDA, EUROPROFESSIONAL, PIXEL, CIDAf & FCVRE.

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