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January 2009 Experience the UVPEC Benefits. The Barak UVPEC Benefits Usability: Simple and efficient media handling and User Interface Versatility: High.

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1 January 2009 Experience the UVPEC Benefits

2 The Barak UVPEC Benefits Usability: Simple and efficient media handling and User Interface Versatility: High volume and top quality hybrid printers Performance: 316m²/hr (3,400ft 2 /hr); True 600 dpi Environmental: Green UV ink; Recyclable media Cost of ownership: Cost effective utilization of ink and media Or in short: Usability Versatility Performance EnvironmentalCost of ownership

3 PERFORMANCE Billboard production – 316 m 2 /hr 3,400ft 2 /hr! POP Superior quality.

4 Barak Line Print Modes Barak5 HS (32heads) Barak3 (16heads) Throughput Resolution dpi Throughput Resolution dpi (sqft/hr)(sqm/hr)(sqft/hr)(sqm/hr) 3400316300 x 3001-pass 1765164300 x 3001590148300 x 3002-pass 92586300 x 30086080300 x 3004-pass 47044600 x 60047044600 x 6004-pass 26024600 x 60026024600 x 6008-pass

5 Billboard Production - 316 Sqm/hr (3,400 sqft/hr) Print a 1200 m² (13,000 sqft) building mesh wrap in less than 4 hours!!!

6 Print a 90 m² (970 sqft/hr) PVC truck-side curtain wrap in merely 18 minutes!!! Truck-side Production - 316 sqm/hr (3,400sqft/hr)

7 Less shifts Close old, slower printers Fast response to last minute requests Faster turnaround Say yes to peak demands Fast production means:

8 Superior Quality 32 CMYK inkjet print heads 8 print heads per color 40 picoliter drop size True 600 dpi (1200 dpi apparent) Low graininess Best resolution / drop size in the market Shutter-controlled UV lamps for adjustable glossiness Single- or bi-directional printing Double-drop half-resolution option for extra large files Anti-wrinkle vacuum table mechanism Heads carriage at minimal height from media with automated elevator mechanism

9 High Performance Barak UV Inks Pigment based UV-curable inks Minimum 2-year outdoor durability Flexible inks for all applications Wide color gamut Color matching standards Built-in ICC profiles

10 VERSATILE Wide range of applications. The only 5m hybrid digital printer. High speed / high quality. Flexibility, multi-roll and mesh support.

11 Optimal Print Versatility Meet high quality POP demands with true 600 dpi High throughput of 316 m² /hr (3,400 ft 2 /hr) for high volume jobs All print features provided in a single window Multi-purpose vacuum table Pneumatic Mesh mechanism Multi-roll support No 6C / 8C ink switch needed

12 Wide Range of Applications and Media Flex banners Self adhesive vinyl Blue back paper Mesh Backlit Tyvek Flag Polyethylene Coated and uncoated Rigid media (up to 25mm (1 inch) Point Of Purchase Fleet graphics Backlit signs Building wraps

13 The Only 5m Hybrid UV Printer in the Market Versatility to print both flexible and rigid media Fast changeover from R2R to FB – less than 5 minutes

14 Media Handling: Free Fall One-man operation Freefall up to 5m Roll to roll / Roll to core / Freefall Simple tension mechanism Easily applied press roller controls Immediate cut-and-finish in midst of printing

15 Media Handling: Rigid One-man operation 1-click button to operate patented switchover mechanism Heads carriage height set with motorized elevator Up to 25mm (1) media thickness Multi Flatbed option Matan Patented switchover mechanism

16 Media Handling: Multi-roll Up to 3 x 1.6m (64 inch) wide rolls simultaneously Quick loading Capable of printing multi roll with cores varying in weights / widths / diameters Triple throughput for narrow jobs Fast turnaround on short-run jobs

17 Usability Simple media handling. Intuitive User Interface. Minimal and easy maintenance.

18 Simple Media Handling Convenient printing table height Motorized heads carriage elevator Anti-wrinkle vacuum table mechanism End-of-media sensor Automated Integral pneumatic mesh table Auto media measure

19 Intuitive GUI Clear-cut icons Intuitive Job Settings and Control Panel Straightforward look-and-feel with just 3 windows Job settingsControl panel

20 User Friendly RIP Barak-dedicated fast and user friendly Caldera RIP Wide range of customizable features Barak-dedicated RIP

21 Dynamic Queue workflow for convenient job manipulation Load preset jobs Print different modes in a single run Tiling Step & Repeat Embedded crop enables convenient color proofing Powerful Operating Software Barak software Queue workflow

22 Fast Learning Curve Intuitive icons and windows Straightforward operating software Versatile job settings Easy media plug-n-play handling Fast setup due to smart machine hardware design

23 Minimum Maintenance Simple printer start-up: –Turn machine power on –Turn operating software on –UV lamps warm-up (up to 2 min.) –Purge and wipe print heads –Print No ink switch / purge needed during print time! Simple printer shut-down: –Purge and wipe print heads –Close operating software –UV lamps cool-down (up to 4 min.) –Turn off machine

24 ENVIROMENTAL UV ink with no environmental costs. Supports green recyclable media.

25 Environment Friendly UV Printer No hazardous fumes No special venting No special carbon filters No environmental costs Minimal waste disposal PE media support

26 Low Cost of Ownership. Minimal media and ink waste. Cost Low Cost of Ownership. Minimal media and ink waste.

27 Low Total Cost of Ownership Competitive pricing Ink consumption – up to 180 m²/liter (1,940 ft 2 /liter) can reach $100K/year savings Media waste – saves over $12K/year (only 35cm waste at loading) More efficient than other UV and solvent printers Minimal purge – saves up to 20 times ink and solvent wastes compared to solvent printers

28 Low Total Cost of Ownership (cont.) Saves labor costs Low site preparation costs: –1 Barak replaces 3 old-generation printers –Saves floor space Prints also on low-cost / uncoated media

29 Customer Care Site preparation guidance by support team Installation procedure followed by service visit Application training Pro-active Service telephone calls Multi-lingual support capabilities Matan WW support centers (Europe, USA) Advanced warehouse worldwide for on-demand spare parts / consumables Second tier support from Matan headquarters, Israel Personal relations with prompt response time

30 Summary Features / Benefits BenefitsFeature Enhanced productivity High quality POP applications High volume jobs using a single printer Efficient and competitive ink usage Fast turnaround on short-run jobs Performance: Billboard production (> 300 m²/hr) True 600 dpi resolution Superior PH (30-40 picoliter) Wide color gamut Minimum 2-year ink durability Variety of printable applications No ink switch needed Triple throughput for narrow jobs Virtually no setup time Versatile: Hybrid printer with fast changeover High speed and high quality flexibility Multi roll support One-click mesh rails system

31 Summary Features / Benefits (cont.) BenefitsFeature Answers any application demand Increases production Reliable Short term integration into production Usability: Wide range of applications and media Simple media handling (mesh rails, media tracking, multi-roll, feeder motor) Instant machine start-up Intuitive User Interface No environment costs or odors (non- solvent ink) Support WW environment protection Environmental: UV environment-friendly inks Supports recyclable media (PE) One Barak meets all needs Fast ROI Low Total Cost of Ownership Competitive with solvent printers Saves over 20K/year by reducing wasted media at loading Cost: Competitive throughput (> 300 m²/hr) Low ink consumption (up to 180 m²/l) Minimal media waste (only 35 cm)

32 Thank you

33 APPENDIX Barak Workflow and Color Management

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