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Happy Hands By “The Microwaves”.

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1 Happy Hands By “The Microwaves”

2 Happy Hands UV Light Using UV Light to Detect Foreign Objects on Your Hands Happy Hands UV Light To detect germs and foreign objects on your hands with the Happy Hands UV Light, you place your hands into the Happy Hands UV Light and see if there are any foreign objects on you hands. If there are any foreign objects on your hands, then you will be able to see them because there will be green splotches on your hands that will indicate foreign objects. You may think of washing your hands as a simple and easy task, but if you don’t wash your hands with care, germs are most likely to stay on your hands. How do we detect the foreign objects on our hands? Well, we have invented something called THE Happy Hands UV Light

3 Always wash your hands when:
Preparing food or eating. Treating wounds, giving medicine, or caring for a sick or injured person. Inserting or removing contact lenses. Always wash your hands AFTER: Using the toilet or changing a diaper Preparing food, especially raw meat or poultry Touching an animal or animal toys, leashes, or waste. Blowing your nose or coughing or sneezing into your hands. Handling garbage, household or garden chemicals, or anything that could be contaminated — such as a cleaning cloth or soiled shoes.

4 Hand Washing Information
Places that benefit from the use of Happy Hands UV Light Frequent hand-washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness. Hand-washing requires only soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer — a cleanser that doesn't require water. Restaurants Hospitals Schools Daycares Workplaces Homes

5 Interview with a local Subway Manager Hillary

6 Interview with KFC Manager Cindi

7 Surveys

8 Happy Hands UV LighT Logo
Buy the Happy Hands UV Light Germ Detector if you want to stay germ free!

9 Sighting our resources:
Books: Lots Of Rot By : Vicki Cobb Illustrated By :Brian Schatell Interview: Subway Manager Hillary. Personal Interview. November 8, 2011. Interview: KFC Manager Cindi. Personal Interview. November 9, Web Sites: By Mayo Clinic staff 2011. Web. Oct. 15, 2011

10 Do you have any questions?
By “The Microwaves” Do you have any questions?

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