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UNIONCAMERE CAMPANIA E(uro)-Government Project-Mission Budapest 13th march 2008.

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1 UNIONCAMERE CAMPANIA E(uro)-Government Project-Mission Budapest 13th march 2008

2 A Strategic Geographic Position The Campania region have a central and highly strategically geographic position in Mediterranean area.

3 The territory The total area of territory 13.592,62 Kmq 551 the towns 5.701.931 the total population Naples

4 Campania Transport Network Every 100 Kmq of land….. …is covered by 73,8 Km of roads and highways.

5 Campania Transport Network The region covers the 40% of the national railway system.

6 Campania Transport Network Two international ports: Naples and Salerno

7 Campania Transport Network Nola Maddaloni-Marcianise Two road-rail distribution centres:

8 Campania Transport Network International airport of Capodichino (Naples) two airport are currently under construction.

9 WHO IS UNIONCAMERE CAMPANIA? The Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts, and Agriculture is the association of the 5 Chambers of Commerce in Campania: Avellino Benevento Caserta Napoli Salerno

10 Entreprises and economy 531.796 the number of the companies regularly registered in Campania 7 billion Euros worth of exportations 10,5 % the level of foreign business relations 1.654.000 the number of operators Such association is the expression of a productive system which are active in all sectors of the economy.

11 Unioncamere has got experience of assistance and advice in many sectors Research activity Training job Observatory Internationalization Fairs The activity of Unioncamere Campania is mainly on Political and Institutional Coordination with the Public administration of the Region and Support &Coordination of the Chambers of Commerce in Campania

12 Territorial marketing projects San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Napoli) Textile District SantAgata dei Goti-Casapulla (Caserta – Benevento) Textile District Calitri (Avellino) – Textile District Solofra (Avellino) – Industrial district of the Tanning and Leather Agro Nocerino Sarnese (Salerno) – Agrofood district San Marco dei Cavoti (Benevento) - Textile District Research activity Unioncamere Campania provide for the general interests of the Chambers of Commerce, assuring services and activities with an orderly approach.

13 Alimentary industries in Nocera Inferiore Industrial Clusters

14 Shoes factories in Aversa e Grumo Nevano Industrial Clusters

15 Solofra is one of the major district in Italian for leather and tanning manufactures, with 500 factories, more than 100 laboratories offers income of about 700 enterprises and some 5.000 operators Leather manufacturing in Solofra

16 Calitri (the textile district involves nine towns and 70 firms) S.Agata dei Goti- Casapulla San Giuseppe Vesuviano Industrial Clusters Textile and fashion production

17 Industrial Clusters Silk industries of San Leucio

18 In Marcianise and Torre del Greco very old artistic tradition is the gold jewellery of Naples, the coral and cameos artistic creations and engravings of Torre del Greco Industrial Clusters Gold, coral and cameos manufactures

19 Research activity Tourism Caserta Paestum-Velia Flegrean Fields Naples Unioncamere Campania operates for the development of the regional`s economical system.

20 Tourism in Campania 1.500 hotels 90.000 rooms available 20 million tourists a year What offers: food and wine specialities art and historical center sun and sea locality

21 Mozzarella (cheese) Wine San Marzano tomatoes Giffoni Hanzelnuts Montella chestnuts Amalfi and Sorrentos lemons Olive oil ( from Cilento Sorrento and the hill of Salerno) Annurca apple Caciocavallo Silano High quality agricoltural protuction Tourism in Campania

22 Pompei Herculaneum Oplonti Cuma Paestum Velia The Royal Palace of Caserta Art and historical center

23 Sun and sea locality Amalfi Positano Ravello Sorrento The gulf islands (Ischia, Capri,Procida) Cilento Tourism in Campania

24 There are two National Parks: Vesuvius Vulcano Cilento- Vallo di Diano Natural environment

25 Training job Infovalorizzazione delle eccellenze produttive (Info-development of the productive excellences) project: F.A.O.V. projects: Formazione e Addestramento per Operatori Vitivinicoli (training for wine operator Prosecution of Infovalorizzazione delle eccellenze produttive, for wine sector was created in order to offer high level information, consulting, business services and a new, modern, easy-to-use promotional instrument to wine businessman and entrepreneurs of Campania. Moreover, it offers to customers useful information about precious wine, winemakers and brands of Campania orientation to the job Course in environmental conservation A.P.E.-net Project (access to the European programs) Course for tour operator Unioncamere Campania has coordinated the 5 Chambers of Commerce activities in order to test a new development local plan to increase competitiveness in different sectors, based on services integration and private and institutional cooperation.

26 OBSERVATORY Regional juridical observatory Regional economic observatory

27 INTERNATIONALIZATION Cooperate with SPRINT Campania, network for the Internationalization of campanian enterprises Partner of B.R.I.D.G.conomies pool (Business Relays for Innovation and Development of Growing conomies) that represents south Italy in Enterprise Europe Network Unioncamere Campania to assure all necessary supportive services by promoting valuable projects for the enterprises throughout the region, by means of a tangible valorisation in Italy and abroad of the areas and productiveness of Campania.

28 FAIRS Vinitaly 2006 - 2007 - 2008 Vinitaly is the landmark event for the Italian and international wine world. LArtigiano in fiera 2007 Mi-wine 2006 A business-to-business fair Summer Fancy Food NewYork 2006 Cibo e … dintorni 2006 International agrofood exhibition

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