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Torrey Pines High School Class Registration 2013-2014.

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1 Torrey Pines High School Class Registration 2013-2014

2 Transcripts Check your transcripts on Aeries for the following: -Credits -Graduation status

3 Important Registration Information Grades of C or higher are needed in second semester to continue on in higher level World Language and Math classes Review the Course Profiles online College Prep vs. Honors/AP Courses –Personal interest/Motivation –Work and study habits –After school activities

4 Off Campus Courses If you are interested in taking a class off campus you must have it pre-approved by submitting the off campus permission form to your counselor. –This form is found on the counseling website. Students are limited to 30 credits off campus. Keep in mind students cannot take VPA, PE, or lab science courses online for credit. To verify that your online classes are accepted by UC schools go to

5 Courses Requiring Application The following courses require an application, which will be available this Spring: –Yearbook and Adv. Journalism –AVID ( See Anastasia Kokkinis, room 115 ) –PALS (Available in May in counseling office) –Leadership/ASB If you are applying for one of these classes, please be sure to select an alternate elective.

6 Physical Education Options PE Courses Team Sport PE ISPE (requires application, see District website) Athletics PE (requires application, Athletics office)

7 Athletics PE Available for 10-12 grade students. Maximum of 20 credits –5 credits per season Only available for CIF sports without team PE classes. Application will be available in the Athletics office and must be completed and submitted to Athletics immediately after making the team. Eligible Sports –M/W Water Polo –M/W Soccer –M/W Lacrosse –M/W Golf –M/W Swimming & Diving –M/W Tennis –M/W Volleyball –Gymnastics –Women’s Basketball –Wrestling –Field Hockey

8 ISOL Courses What is it? Online independent classes at TPHS. Approved by UC/CSU. NOT approved by NCAA. Students must take a minimum of 4 traditional classes on campus and may take up to 2 online classes. Students will be required to attend class on campus for exams only. Courses Available College Prep –English 9, 10, 11,12 –World History, U.S. History, American Government, Economics –Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 –Geography Non College Prep –Business Math –Computer Applications –Life Science –Physical Science

9 Registration Contract and Worksheet Read the contract thoroughly. Course selections will not be officially recognized without a parent/guardian signature on the contract. On the back is a worksheet that must be completed Use this sheet to prepare for online course selection. A counselor will return to your English class to collect the contract and the course worksheet. You must choose your courses online prior to this day. February 28 th is the last day to submit initial course selections online. May 24 th is the last day to make schedule changes with your counselor.

10 Course Offerings Sheets Review the key at the top of the page Review the Course Profiles online Talk to your teachers New Course titles: –Improvisation to Script Development –ROP TV Production Special Course Situations –AP American Humanities –AP World Humanities Info Meeting Feb 20th and Feb 21st at lunch in room 53. * All courses are tentative and based on student interest and enrollment.

11 Online Selection You must have an active Aeries account (see counseling secretary immediately if you do not!) Window to submit is Feb 7th- Feb 28th Refer to course offering sheet for Course ID #s to complete your Course Worksheet! Course ID #s

12 Login to your Student Aeries account Click on “Student Info” then scroll down to “Course Requests” Click on “Student Info”, then scroll down to “Course Requests Entry”

13 Select “Show All Courses” and then press “Search”.

14 A list of available courses will appear in alphabetical order.

15 Select courses by clicking on the course title. The courses you select will then be listed on the left. Select 6 classes (7 if you are a senior since Government and Economics are separate classes). CLICK SUBMIT

16 Confirm that the correct course titles appear. To delete a course click on the red “X” to the left of the course title. Be sure to list alternates on your paper worksheet. Check Title

17 Counseling Website Resources This Registration power point presentation. For a detailed course description go to the “Course Profiles” link.

18 Counselors will return to your English class Feb. 27- Feb. 28 to pick up forms. Make sure you have selected your courses online prior to that day. You must have the following with you: –Contract signed by parent and you –Completed Course Worksheet You may also drop off forms in the counseling office. To make changes after February 28th, you must see your counselor. May 24 th is the deadline to make any changes to your course selections. Remember...

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