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Kuali Rice at UC Davis UC Davis, Information & Educational Technology.

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1 Kuali Rice at UC Davis UC Davis, Information & Educational Technology

2 Agenda 1.Kuali Foundation 2.Kuali Applications 3.UC Davis Middleware Infrastructure 4.Kuali Rice, a Middleware Service 5.Resources

3 Kuali Foundation

4 Non-profit responsible for sustaining and evolving community source administrative software Founded 2005 by Indiana U., U. of Hawaii, NACUBO & rSmart Community Source Vision = open, modular and distributed systems Commercial partners can provide support

5 Kuali Applications

6 Core Applications Kuali Financial System (KFS) Kuali Coeus (KC) Kuali Student (KS) Kuali Rice (KR) Examples of Future Applications Kuali Endowment Management (KEM) Kuali HR Kuali Business Continuity

7 Kuali Applications Planned deployments at UC Davis: Kuali Financial System (KFS) Future Replacement for DaFIS Transaction Processing Production implementation phased from 10-12 Kuali Coeus (KC) Fills gap for electronic research/administration app Production implementation starting Q2 10 Kuali Rice New Middleware services Production implementation Q3-09 Collaboration (Campus and UC-Wide)

8 UC Davis Middleware Infrastructure

9 Campus Services Identity Management Web Single Sign On Portal Online Directory Davis Mail & Geckomail Co-Managed by Curtis Bray and Hampton Sublett Reports into App Dev, within IET

10 Kuali Rice, a Middleware Service

11 Overview Fills a service void currently in Middleware Suite of products intended to standardize the: Common enterprise workflow engine Common look-and-feel for screens Common enterprise notification/messaging system (Not to be confused with emergency messaging) Efficient integration with campus identity and access management information

12 Kuali Rice, a Middleware Service Benefits Reduced campus cost for Application Dev No duplication of underlying services Faster & more consistent Application Dev Easier integration between campus applications (Kuali and Non-Kuali apps) Easy replacement of paper based processes No software licenses Community supported

13 Kuali Rice, a Middleware Service Timelines eDocLite (replacement of paper based workflow) Pilot – Q3 09 Production – Q1 10 Other Rice services Production – Q3 09 (Driven by MIV Release date) Your own service – Contact Middleware if interested Draft Rice Roadmap

14 Resources

15 UC Daviss central Rice support model

16 Information Sources Kuali Foundation: ( Kuali Rice Hampton Sublett ( Curtis Bray ( Kuali Financial Systems Katie Stevens ( Kuali Coeus (Research Administration) Safa Hussain (

17 Appendix

18 Kuali Community

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