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By: Abel Barajas & Briana Lewis University California Davis.

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2 By: Abel Barajas & Briana Lewis University California Davis

3 Demographics- Student population Demographics: African American- 8712.1 Native American - 220.7 Asian American Pacific Islander - 11,099 34.5% White - 12,179 Total student population: College of Agricultural& Environmental Sciences- Total health sciences - School of medicine 4,585 2,119 1,377

4 Campus Housing UC Davis housing: UC Davis has Residence halls Called: Segundo Area- Tercero Area-Cuarto Area and they are furnished UC Davis has Campus Apartments: Orchard park and Solano park UC Davis also has privatized housing: the colleges at la rue- the atriums at la rue-Russell Park Primero Grove Residence halls On campus housing Off campus housing

5 Common student profile Average age is 21 4% is 25 and older

6 The difficulty to be accepted to UC Davis! The difficultly to be a accepted at UC Davis is 46%

7 Life at UC Davis! One thing they do at UC Davis for fun is: UC Davis has an activities fair, were people go to join clubs they have over 180+ clubs there to join. Some of the clubs at UC Davis: Chemistry Sports clubs The events at UC Davis are: When they have speakers like Matthew Traxler, Flagg Miller and Tammy Gales

8 Average costs for: Housing, books and classes Housing :Housing Cost: $2,753 based on an 11 week quarter (costs vary from quarter to quarter). Books: New books 100%, Used books 98%,you have 14days return,yes you can Buy-back and S/H cost Savings on UCD Savings on $0.00n/a7%-31% Classes: $533Fall quarter books and supplies

9 Semester or quarter? We have the quarter system

10 Our school mascot is Gunrock the mustang Our school mascot is Gunrock the mustang

11 The roots of UC Davis reach back to 1905, when the California Legislature approved the establishment of the state agriculture school. Three years later, in October 1908, the University Farm opened at Davis to provide farmers short courses, which were akin to todays extension classes. The charter mission was to teach students the latest in agricultural methods and technology. The following January, regular classes began with a student body of 18.

12 Our sports are baseball, football, softball, men's basketball, woman's basketball, men and woman cross country, field hockey, mens golf, womans golf, woman gymnastics, woman lacrosse, mens soccer, womans soccer, womans swim/diving, mens tennis, womans tennis, womans indoor track, men and womans outdoor track, womans volleyball, mens water polo, womans water polo, and historical sports. Our most known sport is our football program.

13 Performing arts and film Department of music events Theatre and dance productions Entertainment council Area of studies in the arts Art and art history Design program English Film studies Music Techno cultural studies Theatre and dance

14 Degrees offered Degrees offered: A.B.–Bachelor of Arts, B.S.–Bachelor of Science, Certificate, M.A.–Master of Arts, M.A.M.–Master of Agricultural Management, M.A.S.–Master of Advanced Studies, M.A.T.–Master of Arts in Teaching, M.B.A.–Master of Business Administration, M.Ed.–Master of Education, M.Engr–Master of Engineering, M.F.A.–Master of Fine Arts, M.P.H.–Master of Public Health, M.P.V.M.–Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, M.S.–Master of Science, Ed.D.–Doctorate in Education, D. Engr.–Doctor of Engineering, Ph.D.–Doctor of Philosophy, J.D.–Doctor of Law, LL.M.–Master of Laws, M.D.–Doctor of Medicine, D.V.M.–Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

15 We are known for our agricultural and recourse economics programs.

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