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Integration of Life Skills and Reproductive Health into Youth Programs.

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2 Integration of Life Skills and Reproductive Health into Youth Programs

3 Reproductive Health Integration Planning for Life Phase 1: Development of Materials & pilot projects Planning for Life Phase 2: 1.Learning sessions with IYF staff 2.Translation of “Reproductive Health Lessons: A Supplemental Curriculum for Young People” 3.Train 6 partners in the health lessons & provide them with small grants 4.Make final tested, translated and adapted RH Lessons available to all partners and program staff

4 Tools for Integration RH Integration Framework Family Planning, HIV/AIDS & STIs and Gender Matrix Project Design and Proposal Writing Guide RH Lessons (Supplemental Curriculum and within Passport to Success)

5 Effective Programs include: Interactive teaching methodologies; that incite discussion between young people and trainers RH lessons taught at the end of life skills training cycle Groups of less than 25-30 young people Trainers/teachers should attend sensitization sessions and trainings before teaching the lessons Best Practices for Integration

6 Work with community leaders, trainers, partner staff and parents to contribute to a supportive environment. Give updates throughout the program. Survey young people and trainers before the RH Lessons are taught to determine whether to have mixed or separated groups. Pay close attention to cultural practices and religion.

7 Youth RH/FP Integration Framework

8 What is the PTS program? Targets vulnerable youth, 12-24, who are in school but at risk of dropping out, as well as those that are out of school, out of work, or working in dangerous environments. A key measure of success is the extent to which young people are either in school or employed six months after participating in the program.

9 Where do we intervene? PTS has been successfully tested in a variety of venues and integrated in existing youth programming, including: –Public and private primary and secondary schools, both in and out-of-school programs –Vocational technical institutes –Youth-serving non-profit organizations –Teacher training colleges

10 Who have we reached? To date, the PTS program has reached more than 50,000 young people in nine countries and 12 languages. In addition, over 1,600 youth educators and teachers have been trained to deliver the program.

11 Key Elements of PTS Model Quality and adaptability of curriculum Service-Learning In-Depth teacher training Mentorship of teachers Rigorous Monitoring and Evaluation

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