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Unit 5 Working for a Living. Steps Guess and Match 1 Watch a Video 5 Role Play 3 Listening 4 Test and Discuss 2.

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1 Unit 5 Working for a Living

2 Steps Guess and Match 1 Watch a Video 5 Role Play 3 Listening 4 Test and Discuss 2

3 Cao xueqin-Writer Michael Schumacher Race-car driver Step 1 who are they? What is his/her job? Celine Dion-singer director actress actor

4 An accountant An actor An artist A chef A flight attendant A lifeguard A nurse A professor A salesclerk A teacher Step 1 match In a hospital In a restaurant In a school On a movie set In a store In a studio In a university In an office At the beach On an airplane

5 speak and write well in your first language? speak a foreign language? tell interesting stories? Group 1 Total: play a musical instrument? read or write music? sing well? Group 3 Total: exercise for 30 minutes or more a day? play a sport well? dance well? Group 5 Total: solve problems quickly? play chess well? do math quickly in your head? Group 2 Total: fix or make things? draw or paint well? follow directions on a map? Group 4 Total: give good advice? talk to new people easily? understand others feelings? Group 6 Total: Pair work: ask your partner the questions in the chart. For your partners answers, write a number: 3= Yes, I can. 2= Yes, a little bit. 1=No, I cant. Step 2: do the test Pair work: ask your partner the questions in the chart. For your partners answers, write a number:

6 Now look at the chart below. Which jobs are suitable for you? 7-9 points in… Good jobs for you: Group 4 graphic artist, fashion designer, photographer, engineer Group 5 dancer, athlete fitness instructor Group 6 teacher, manager, salesperson 7-9 points in… Good jobs for you: Group 1 teacher, lawyer, salesperson, actor Group 2 businessperson, computer programmer, doctor Group 3 musician, DJ, singer Step 2: check the result

7 Discuss the following questions: Different jobs college professor / civil engineer / teacher/ programmer / engineer/ administrator/ architect / sales manager /lawyer /scientist/ tour guide/ banker/ writer/ photographer/ financial manager… Information for practice Step 2: discuss the questions 1.What do you think of the test result? 2.Are the jobs really suitable for you? Why? 3.Do you like the jobs? Why? Why not? 4.Tell your partner what you really want to be in the future and why.

8 Ask students to ask and answer the questions. 1.Whats the employer looking for 2.What questions will the interviewer ask? 3.What should be included when introducing yourself? 4.How to make a good impression? 5.What preparations shall you make before interview? 6.What other detains do you know about interview? Ask & Answer Step 3: ask and answer

9 What is the employer looking for? Creative Hard-working Honest Loyal Well- experienced Step 3: reference answer for Q 1

10 Why do you want to work for this company? What positive attributes do you feel you can bring to this company? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you prefer working individually or in a team atmosphere and why? What question will the interviewer ask? Step 3: reference answer for Q 2

11 Tell Me About Yourself Create a 60-second sound byte Include Geographic origins Reason for choosing major Educational background 2 or 3 strengths related to position Specific expertise and accomplishments How you can contribute to company Identify your career goals Speak clearly and honestly Step 3: reference answer for Q 3

12 Make a good first impression Natural, clean looking face/makeup Nicely styled hair Press your clothes Clean your fingernails Shoes shined No Gum, Candy, or cigarettes at the Job Interview!!! Avoid strong perfumes Step 3: reference answer for Q 4

13 Preparations Research the company thoroughly Tailor your skills to company s needs (review job description) Development of the company Services or products Competitors within the industry Growth pattern Reputation New products or projects Culture and values Step 3: reference answer for Q 5

14 Other Tips for the Interview Smile regularly Remember Please and Thank you (Good manner of speaking) Stand up to meet people Keep good eye contact Be confident and enthusiastic If you feel nervous, try taking deep breath Dont answer with a simple yes or no. Step 3: reference answer for Q 6

15 Step 3: role playinterview Use the previous information to start an interview:

16 Step 4: listening on Page 24 (Track 17&18) Linda Dolphin trainer Ellen Video-game tester Bruce lumberjack Andy Movie extra B. Check ( ) what they like about the jobs.

17 LindaDoesnt get much time off Ellen Bruce Andy C. What dont they enjoy about their jobs? Take notes. Concentrating is stressful Gets headaches Sitting around waiting Having to be quiet If he doesnt work, he doesnt get paid Not having a steady salary

18 Step 4: listening on Page 24 (Track 17&18) First, Linda. I = Interviewer L= Linda I: Linda, you must really enjoy your work. L: Oh, its the best job in the world. I: what are the best things about it? Do you enjoy performing? L: Hmm…well, not so much, actually. I: Oh? L: Oh, what I do enjoy are the animals themselves. Well, they each have their own personalities, and we get to know them, like friends almost. I: Really? L: Yeah. they are so intelligent and well, they have such a great sense of humor. You are learning more all the time, you know, about the animals and their behaviors.

19 L: Right. I:Oh, its amazing. And every day is a surprise. You know you are always learning new things. Oh, its wonderful. L: so its all fun? L: well, no. there is a lot of hard work, too. I: I will bet. L: But I dont mind that because, well, the work is interesting. Now, the pay isnt great but, you know, thats fine, too, because, gosh, I do enjoy my work a lot. The worst thing for me is that I dont get much time off. I-- L: thats too bad. I: I just wish I had more free time. Next, Ellen. I = Interviewer E= Ellen I: So, how about you, Ellen? To me, your job sounds like the perfect job.

20 E: Ha-ha. Well, its really hard work, you know. Its not just fun. I: Oh, Ok, so what do you enjoy most? E: well, I mean, of course, its great to see the latest games before they come out -- I: I bet. E: you know, and play them and suggest changes. And its good that I can work when I fell at my best, you now? I mean, as long as I put in 30 hours a week, I can work anytime I want. So the flexibility is really great. I: Dont you get lonely, being alone? E: Oh, I am not alone. We work in a big open-plan office. I have lots of coworkers and we discuss all the games. Thats part of the job, actually, you know, comparing ideas. I: Right, so whats the downside? E: Hmm. Well, I think the problem is that concentrating hard on the games, its really stressful.

21 I: Oh? E: Its bad for the eyes looking at the screen all the time. I do get headaches, you now, thats not so good. Next, Bruce. I = Interviewer B= Bruce I: Bruce, you must enjoy working outdoors. B: Oh, I wouldnt say I enjoy it. Its pretty nice this time of year, but when its snowing or raining, its not so wonderful. I: Mm-hmm. B: You just have to ignore the weather on this job. I: So, what do you enjoy? B: Enjoy? Hmm. Well, the money is good. Ha-ha. You now, the more you work, the more you make. I: Mm-hmm. B: And I also enjoy working with my friends, you know? We get along really well. Its a pretty sociable job, believe it

22 or not. I: Hmm, well, how about getting up early? That must be bad. B: Not really, not at all. In fact, I enjoy that quite a bit. Its good to be out in the forest early. I: Well, so, is there anything you dont enjoy? I mean, the noise of these chain saws must be pretty annoying. B: Well, thats not a problem because we wear ear protectors. You get used to the noise. No, you know, what I dont like about this job is that if I dont work, I dont get paid. I: Ha! B: We dont get a regular salary like office workers. I: Mm-hmm. B: We get paid according to how many trees we cut down. You know, Id love to have a job someday that paid a steady salary.

23 Finally, Andy. I = interviewer A = Andy I: Andy, you are an actor, right? A: Well, I suppose so. But I cant always get acting jobs. So, often, I work as an extra. I: Now, what do extras have to do? A: well, sometimes we just do crowd scenes. But mostly I play like, non-speaking roles. You know, like when a star gets in a taxi, I might be the guy who gets out of the cab before he gets in. I: well, that doesnt sound like much fun. A: oh, well, it is. You get to meet the stars, which is really cool, and talk to them and interact with them off the set, when the cameras are not running. I: Ah. A: also, its really exciting to be in front of a camera. We have to get all our movements and actions right the first time.

24 An extra doesnt speak any likes, but they can still destroy a shot by doing something wrong. I: That sounds very stressful. I am sure you dont enjoy that. A: Oh, well, no, its fine. In fact, you know, what I dont like is the opposite of that. We spend a lot of time just sitting around and waiting. I: Ah. A: We still get paid to sit around, but you know, it gets boring because we have to be quiet. I: Of course. A: We are not allowed to talk, so I just, you know, read a watch whats going on. Assistant Director: quiet on the set, please. I: well, do you A: Shh! I: Sorry! Assistant Director: Rolling. And action!

25 Reasons for applying for a job: Reasons for resigning from a job: Step 5: watch videos

26 Reasons for Applying for a job Summarize Reasons for resigning from a job Ask students to make summaries.


28 How to write job application letters How to write An application letter accompanies and introduces a résumé when the résumé is being mailed to a prospective employer. Here are some guidelines for composing an effective application letter: 1. An application letter should always be addressed to a specific individual. 2. In the opening paragraph of the letter, you should clarify which specific job you want and how you

29 How to write job application letters learned about the job vacancy. 3. The letter should go on to state, in summary fashion, why you want the job and why you qualify for it. 4. End by requesting an interview. Provide a phone number so the employer can contact you quickly. If you can be reached only at certain times, specify them.

30 How to write job application letters 5. Be concise. Generally speaking, an application letter shouldn't be longer than one page. 6. Avoid bragging or boasting. Call attention to your most impressive achievements relating to the job you are seeking, and let these achievements speak for themselves.

31 How to Write an Application Effectively English Dept. Southwest Jiaotong University Chengdu 610031 P.R. China Oct.12,2005 Dear Sir or Madam, Yours sincerely, XXX APPLICATION LETTER

32 How to write the opening paragraph? Sample 1: I have learned from a friend that there is a vacancy in Chinese Import & Export Corporation, and I wish to apply for the position. Sample 2: Having noticed your advertisement on the Internet, I wish to apply for the position of Intelligence Agency. Sample 3: Your advertisement interests me because it offers advancement in a field for which I am particularly qualified by knowledge and experience. Sample 4:Its my honor to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. Im very interested in your company and Id like to be a member of it.

33 Supply information on yourself. This should include: 1)Personal background ; 2)Education; 3)Academic qualifications; 4)Work experience; 5)Personal skills and specific training. Sample I : I am 22 years old, female, and expect to graduate from the Southwest Jiaotong University with a bachelor of science degree in … next June. I have a great deal of working experience though I am still young. During the past time, in addition to finishing the major courses with excellent grades, I have been working at the … Maybe my working experience in your field is quite limited, but I will learn the details of the position and do my best to do this work.

34 Sample 2: The job sounds particularly interesting because it is precisely the kind of work I have wanted to do for many years. I have been already grasped a great deal of accountant knowledge and could put to use computer processing Systems such as Office Word, Excel, etc. I can speak fluent English and Ive passed both CET Band Four and Band Six. Sample 3: During my three-year study at college, I passed all the required courses of study with satisfactory marks. I have a fairly good command of English and computer skill. Though I havent got rich working experience, I believe you will find me fully competent for the job if I am offered to work in your service.

35 Ending Paragraph 1)I should be most grateful if you would give my application your favorable consideration. Please call me for an interview if you think I am an appropriate candidate. Thanks. 2) If my application has convinced you of my ability, I should welcome the opportunity to talk with you so that you may judge my personal qualifications further. I may be reached by e-mail …, or by mobile phone ….

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