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HAPPY NEW YEAR!. Chapter 1 Components of Business Letters.

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2 Chapter 1 Components of Business Letters

3 Ability Objectives: To master the basic parts of the business letter and its writing methods Knowledge Objectives: To learn the seven principal and seven optional parts of an English business letter. Teaching Important Points: 1.To master the basic parts of a business letter 2.To comprehend the guidelines of writing English business letter Teaching Difficult Points: To comprehend the guidelines of writing English business letter

4 Step I: Introduction Greeting to the students and simply introduce the teaching plan of this course, and tell the format of exam, the mark constitution as well. The details are as follow: Attendance ------------------------10% Performance in the class-----10% Homework----------------------------10% Practice week----------------------20% Final exam---------------------------50%

5 Step II: Basic knowledge Components of Business Correspondence 1.Heading + 2.Date Line + 3.Special Designations 4.Inside Address + + 5.Salutation + + 6.Subject/Caption or Re Line + 7.Body + + 8.Complimentary Closing+ + 9.Company Name 10.Signature + + 11.Initials 12.Enclosure 13.Copy Notation 14.Postscript

6 Step III: SAMPLE STUDYING Hunan Wallshine Imp. & Exp. (Group) Corp. 88 Wuyi Road, Changsha 410000, P.R. China Tel: 0086-0731-5566778 Fax: 0086-0731-5566779 Sept. 6, 2004 Confidential / CONFIDENTIAL Mr. Sander De Haan, Director of Dept. of International Sales Vermeer Manufacturing Company P.O. Box 200/3804 New Sharon Rd. Pella, Iowa 50219 U.S.A. Letter- head The date The inside name and address

7 Dear Mr. Haan: Re: Parts for Machine Type B-114 We purchased from you ten sets of the captioned machine in 1979. The machines have been very satisfactory. However, at present we need a large quantity of parts/accessories as per the enclosed list. Please send us as soon as possible your proforma invoice by fax. You are kindly(please) requested to quote the FOB New York. Your prompt attention will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely The salutation The subject heading(main headings) BoDyBoDy The compliment ary close

8 L.M. Wang (the Signature) Wang Liming Manager WLM/sm Encl.: a copy of inquiry list cc. P. Norma P.S. [* principle: preferably without P.S., likely to indicate that the writer seems to be rather careless] Signature The reference notation Enclosure The carbon copy notation The postscript

9 Step IV: Concluding PURPOSE TO WRITE 1.Information: 2.Persuasion:

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